25 February, 2015 – Episode 503 – This Week in Science

February 27th, 2015

Big Old Black Hole, Plastic Eating Coral, Saharan Dust Fall, One Lab To Test Us All, Carnivorous Genes, Evolutionary Clock, Limpet Teeth!, Ant Latrines, Harlequin Cats, Prothetic Arms, Marketing Science, Climate Attitudes, Sea Spikes, Brain Waving Memory, And Much More…

Disclaimer Disclaimer Disclaimer
Today is a day that lives in scientific infamy… well, one of
the days anyhow…
For it was on this day, February 25, 1616
Back in a time when theological beliefs were treated as law…
and having opinions against, or simply beyond the understanding of the church
could lead to imprisonment, death, or worse…
That by order of a Pope, science was to be censored…
Specifically the propositions made by Galileo,
that the Sun and not the earth is at the center of our solar
system…. And that the Earth… moves
Pope Paul the Fifth chose inquisitor lord cardinal
Bellarmine to summon Galileo, admonish him for his discovery and warn him
against teaching it to others….
Galileo famously recanted his discovery and admitted it as
The fact that 16 years previous Giordano Bruno was summoned
on similar charges of teaching a heliocentric solar system could not have
escaped Galileo’s decision to recant.
The fact that Giordano Bruno was imprisoned when he refused
to recant his understanding of the universe could not have escaped Galileo’s
decision to recant.
The fact that Giordano Bruno further refused to recant his
understanding of the universe while imprisoned and was then hung upside down
naked in a town square with an iron spike through his tongue and set on fire
while still alive… could not have escaped Galileo’s decision to recant.
The fact that Cardinal Bellarmine and the, then cardinal,
now Pope Paul both sat in judgment over Giordano Bruno in his trial that ended
in torture and death… could not have escaped Galileo’s decision to recant…
The fact
that the church was ignorant of the heavens, censored one of the greatest contributors
to scientific progress and committed horrible acts of torture in retribution
for speaking truth…. Could not have escaped their decision to canonize Cardinal
Bellarmine, making him a Saint in 1930…
on this day, February 25, 1616 the order was given to censor
one of the greatest scientific minds the world has ever know…
And on this day 399 years later…
We celebrate their failure to do so on
This Week in Science
Coming Up Next

Big Old Black Hole
A quasar chosen from the Sloan Digital Sky Survey has led scientists to the most massive black hole ever discovered, which seems to have gained its mass too quickly for its age leading to speculation about black hole formation.

Plastic Eating Coral
Coral are eating microplastics. What does this mean for their health?

Saharan Dust Fall
Dust travels in a plume from the Sarah to the Amazon, and fertilizes the vegetation there.

One Lab to test us all
Let’s use sewage to test the microbial health of our urban areas!

Carnivorous Genes
The carnivorous bladderwort was found to have a very interesting genome, full of self-editing.

Evolutionary Clock
A database of molecular dating data is being constructed to aid researchers in more accurately determining the timing of branchings in the tree of life.

Ants have bathrooms
Ants deficate in the corners of their nests. This could be for sanitary reasons, or to help them use their feces for farming or other uses.

Rainbow cat collars save local species
Cats in ridiculous jester-esque collars scare off local bird and lizard species before they can fall prey to the bloodthirsty pets – but pests like mice and rats are still easy targets.

Limpet teeth are the strongest thing on earth!
Limpet teeth (or the scrapey part of the radula) are the strongest, toughest thing in the animal kingdom – eclipsing spider silk. Think of all of the amazing new technologies we could create with this information!

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Prothetic Arms
Three men have received robotic arm prostheses using brachial innervation.

Information on global warming not the whole issue
A lot depends on politics.

Sea Spikes
The Atlantic Ocean along the Northeastern US was higher by four inches for a period of time suggesting that there are significant year to year differences in ocean level that will impact the severity of storms.

Brain Waving Memory
Areas of the brain may communicate using coded electrical signals separate from action potentials: research showed that the hippocampus and prefrontal cortex change frequency when agreement and disagreement occur.

Washing dishes by hand…
correlates with a reduction in allergies
Eating peanuts when young…
reduces peanut allergies

Beards Are Mean
Research into perception of personality from face shape has led to the discovery that people think beards make men look aggressive.

Inside an Extroverted Brain
They are different, but it’s uncertain whether the differences are a cause or effect of the personality type.

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18 February, 2015 – Episode 502 – This Week in Science

February 20th, 2015

AIDS Monkey Vaccine, Hazy Mars, Brush With A Star, Science Is Better, Sexist Neanderthals, Chimps Learn Language, Pigeon Smarts, Ladybug Guards, Monster Hurricanes, Epigenome Database, Talking Language, Quiet Speech Center, Quiet America, Senseless Munchies, Caramel Cancer, And Much More…

Disclaimer Disclaimer Disclaimer
The following hour of programming has already begun…
It’s a science show where we talk about science…
What you are hearing now is the introduction.
Which will be followed by science
Later on in the show there will be a middle part.
Followed by more science…
And at some point after that, the show will end…
At which point we will likely just hang out here as we won’t
have anywhere more interesting to go…
Because even when the show is over, there is still nothing
more interesting to talk about than science…
To make the most of your listening experience we suggest
taking copious mental notes…
Though be careful not to write them on the backside of any
important memories
of which, I just remembered that it’s Alessandro Giuseppe Antonio Anastasio
Volta’s Birthday today….
I tell you this not
because I want you to wish my friend a happy birthday, you can, but he won’t hear
you on account of his death…
I tell you this because this is a science show
Alessandro Giuseppe Antonio Anastasio Volta was a scientist born 270 years ago…
he discovered voltage… invented the battery… discovered Methane… and did it all
without any modern convenience to help him except for one…
Science… the only modern convenience that really counts
because without it we wouldn’t even have
This week in science… coming up next

AIDS Monkey Vaccine
Researchers report unparalleled success with a vaccine for simian immunodeficiency virus, a close relative of the human immunodeficiency virus, that includes two artificial versions of the CD4 receptor targeted by the virus upon infection.

Hazy Mars
What is that haze in the upper atmosphere of Mars? No one knows.

Brush With A Star
70,000 years ago or so, our solar system had a small run in with a small star system called “Sholtz’s Star”, which apparently passed through the outer Oort cloud.

Why sex is good, but science could be better
Sexual reproduction is amazing at getting rid of disease-causing mutations, but perhaps targeted genetic modification could do the job better?

Sexist Neanderthals
Marks left of the teeth of male and female neanderthal remains indicate that there was a division of labor between the sexes.

Chimps learn each others’ languages when societies merge
Danish chimps came to live with Scottish ones in Edinburgh, and the Danes modified their language to conform to the Scotts. Did they learn a new language or just conform to societal norms> Either way, impressive!

Pigeons are no dummies
Pigeons can learn to categorize items from within many different categories, such as dogs with dogs and hats with hats. What’s more, when shown a new picture, they could categorize them, too!

Ladybug as bioweapon
Wasps trick ladybugs to guard their eggs, like a giant weapon/fortress/helicopter mom.

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Monster Hurricanes hit Massachusetts
Based on sedimentary data and pollen grains from the past, scientists say that we should expect more as oceans warm. Also, the West will need to watch out for multi-decade droughts.

Epigenome Database
A tome of papers were published this week reporting on a project that has mapped the epigenomes of 111 cell-types in the human body.

Where european language came from
It wasn’t Europe.

Quiet Speech
Broca’s area, the area thought to be responsible for speech production in the brain was surprisingly found to deactivate during speech in a recent study.

Two biological entities that have been split for 60 miliion years get back together again!
It’s Ferngully sex-capades!

Soda Caramel Cancer
A compound found in cola drinks is cancer-causing, but how much is too much?

Getting the Munchies makes no sense
THC makes people hungry, but the effect happens by activating neurons involved in telling the brain that the stomach is full. What is up with that?

America’s Quietest Places
You can still find peace and quiet in the wild American west.

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11 February, 2015 – Episode 501 – This Week in Science

February 14th, 2015

What’s In A Core?, Dark Mystery Galaxy?, Dark Matter Heart?, Not-So Bloody Past, Bloody Pests, Gator Blood, Cuddly Crocs, Cat Boxes, Human Cockroaches, Smoking Gun, Meditate On It, Sleep On It, Driving Stoned, Child Bee Labor, Rocktopus, Mr. Right Now, And Much More…

Disclaimer Disclaiemr Disclaimer
I shot an arrow into the air
It fell to earth I knew not where
For so swiftly it flew, the sight
Could not follow it in its flight
The words of Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
over a hundred years ago…
a 22-story tall rocket shot into the air from Cape Canaveral…
The Falcon
9 sending supplies and late Christmas gifts to the International Space station
As well
as the deploying the Deep Space Climate Observatory, DSCOVR
Which, amongst other things, will be
taking Earth selfies every few hours…
While this mission alone is an impressive
feat carried out by private company SpaceX
Another major portion of their mission
had to be abandoned…
They intended to catch the arrow when
it landed, the first stage booster rockets anyhow… paving the way for cheaper
launches in the future
Three story waves on the landing
platform prevented that from happening this time
But there has never been a sea rough
enough to stop…
This week in science
Coming up next

What’s In A Core?
Using seismic waves travelling through the Earth, Chinese scientists have discovered that the core of the Earth has an inner core. Now we have to differentiate between the outer-inner core and the inner-inner core to determine the history of our planet.

Dark Mystery Galaxy?
The discovery of four cepheid variables, or large, pulsating stars along the plane of the Milky Way Galaxy has allowed a team of researchers to confirm that our galaxy is orbited by a dwarf dark matter galaxy.

Dark Matter Heart?
Modeling the motion of the gas and stars in the Milky Way, it has been confirmed that dark matter must make up a large portion of the inner galaxy.

Not-so bloody past – Evolution
Viral evidence suggests we didn’t follow a particularly bloody evolutionary path.

Bloody pests don’t like parasites
Mosquitoes put up an immune response after feeding on blood.

Put some gator blood on it

Crocs just wanna cuddle and play!
For the first time, cros have shown to exhibit all three types of “play” categorized and defined in the animal kingdom. Play is often associated with intelligence (or so I keep telling my boss…).

Cats have been proven to exhibit less stress when provided a box. Not just a hiding place, but also a vantage point and an aid in body temperature regulation. So, that is why your cat is so darn encourageable around packing materials!

Cockroaches have personality… Awwww!
Cockroaches exhibit different personalities and strategies in laboratory scenarios – some flee when the lights get switched on, others linger, and they even alter their tactic when in a group. See? They are adorable!

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Smoking Gun
Smoking is bad for your brain.

Meditate On It
But, meditation is good!

Then Sleep On It
And, no one is debating the benefits of a good nap.

Driving stoned
It’s better than being drunk… maybe.

Child Bee Labor
Young bees forced to work might compound the damages of colony collapse disorder.

Rocket Octopus
A robotic underwater rocket balloon has been developed based on the propulsion of octopuses.

You might be better off with “Mr. Right Now.”
Says evolution…

Smiley from space
Scientists say it is a galaxy cluster, but I choose to believe it is actually the universe smiling at me. Right back at ya, buddy!
Don’t forget what it shows us!
Massive gravitational lensing.

Dragon Capsule Returns

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04 February, 2015 – Episode 500 – This Week in Science

February 6th, 2015

Asteroid Didn’t Kill Dinos?, Dusty Skies, Consistently Aphids, Polar Bear Penis Peril, Bisexual Beetles, Light Controlled Clock, Toxo Troubles, No More Noro?, Code Within Code, Evolutionary Proof, And Much More…

Disclaimer Disclaimer
This week in
Science… coming up next

Asteroid Didn’t Kill Dinos?
Computer simulations and engineered experiments allowed researchers to recreate the intense heat of the Chixiclub asteroid impact, and conclude that the heat was not enough to ignite fires around the globe and thus kill the dinosaurs. It’s more likely that the dust and debris in the atmosphere resulted in life-killing global cooling.

Dusty Skies
Results from the Planck observatory confirm that space dust influenced approximately half of the signal from the BICEP2 experiment, making the signal too faint to be significant. So, we have no evidence of cosmic inflation yet, or of gravitational waves, but the search continues as we have no reason to believe they do not exist.

Be brave or a coward, just be consistent.
As an aphid resisting demise via ladybird, the winning tactic is to always act the same, regardless if that involves running or hunkering down.

Polar Bear equipment suffering from pollution
Back in February 2013, we discovered that otter bacula in europe were shrinking due to pollution. Now, it appears to be affecting polar bears, as well, and it also appears to be the same chemicals to blame…

Homosexual behavior in beetles has a specific upside
Mostly that girls and boys are super hard to tell apart. When there aren’t many ladies around, it is a good strategy to mate with anyone and everyone. Beetles are bi.

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Light Controlled Clock
Using optogenetics, Vanderbilt University researchers have determined that firing rate in the suprachiasmatic nucleus (SCN) is essential as an input to resetting the circadian clock rather than just an output effect of the system at work. This work suggests that targetting the firing of neurons in this brain area might be used as a treatment for jet-lag, shift-work, and other clock-related disorders.

No More Noro?
A type of plasma, ‘cold plasma’, typified by a lack of thermodynamic equilibrium that exists at room temperature, was shown to significantly reduce the numbers of norovirus particles in lab experiments. It is suggested that this could be a possible anti-microbial agent for use in restaurants and other places where people’s hands tend to wander. But, what does it do to good microbes?

Code Within Code
The code for viral assembly is surreptitiously packed within the RNA that codes for the virus itself, but researchers have finally cracked the riddle. This knowledge might allow the development of drugs to more effectively combat the common cold.

Toxo found in muskrats and minks
It’s spreading!!

No More Evo
A bacterial species that lives in the mud, has not evolved in about 2 billion years… proof that change is not always necessary.

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28 January, 2015 – Episode 499 – This Week in Science

January 30th, 2015

Cold Fish, Topping Off Telomeres, It’s No Yolk, Girl gone wild, God damned grades, Thumbs up, Lucid And Aware, Cagey Cougars, Mystery Goo, Cichlid Flockers, Big Bada Boom, Space Abounds, And Much More…

Disclaimer Disclaimer
following program is not what you expect.
This is an occupation
of the mind…
While your
thoughts made this occupation possible…
What follows
is an involuntary flow of images and ideas…
That will
rush past brain filters and directly stimulate neural activity
Creating a
lucid waking state of sub conscious knowledge.
A heightened
state of scientific awareness that may seem subtle in mundane situations…
You may have no awareness that your brain has been activated in this way…
Until unavoidable
mental symptoms manifest as spontaneous insights into the current trends of
scientific inquiry
Often occurring
once the stimulating situation of science-y conversation is encountered…
There is no
further action you are required to make at this time…
listen, learn, and await further instruction as we occupy your mind here on
This week in
Science… coming up next

Cold Fish
Fish found living beneath Ross Ice shelf in Antarctica surprise researchers by their presence.

Topping Off Telomeres
Scientists have found a way to extend telomeres, which are related to cellular life-span, in cells cultured in petri dishes. The finding could lead to treatments for aging-related diseases and influence life-extension itself.

It’s No Yolk
Chemists have created a device that unfurls tangled proteins. Their first proof-of-concept was to uncook the proteins in an egg.

Girls gone wild… about science
Global boy vs. girl who’s smarter study suggests girls are leading the pack in most of the world, aside from economically developed countries where boys score more highly.

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God damned grades
God’s message, tune in, turn on, drop out. Religious individuals considered “biblical literalists” are less likely to go to college or complete it than non-literalists.

Thumbs up… for australopithecus
3 million year old tool user???!!! New evidence validates the idea that human ancestor was using tools well before the emergence of the Homo genus.

Lucid dreaming and self awareness are linked
Lucid dreamers were found to have a larger anterior prefrontal cortex, a part of the brain highly implicated in self-reflection and other conscious cognitive processes.

Mystery Goo Killing Bay Area Birds
The death toll is up to 200, with over 300 injured and in expert care. The list of what it isn’t is growing, but we still don’t have any idea what it is…

Cougars Kill more around people (no, just deer)
Female Pumas kill a lot more deer when they are in suburban areas. This is most likely due ot the fact that they abandon prey or kill sites before they get their fill, due to fear of humans.

Cichlids of a feather flock together
Cichlid sisters hang out together, to protect their genes. The males do not venture as far away from their hatching site (the opposite of most species) and so they are at less danger than females. Since females go so far, they like to hedge their bets with keeping close DNA nearby.

Bears are a necessity!
Bears keep entire habitats in check, just by eating ants. Without population control for the ants, it creates a chain reaction that wreaks havoc on all flora and fauna there.

Asteroid Moon
The most recent asteroid to pass by Earth has it’s own moon.

Bigger impact than we thought
The crater from a meteor impact was recently determined to be larger than previously thought by a substantial amount, and took place during a time after the beginning of complex life on Earth. So, might we find these fish fossils on the moon? Probably not, but the Earth has definitely ejected a large amount of material into space over the years.

Rings Around A Planet
A massive ring system has been described around an exo-planet called J1407b that is probably 200 times larger than Saturn’s.

Planet Formation Is Old
An 11.2 BILLION years old star orbited by Earth-sized planets has been discovered, suggesting that this kind of planet formation has been going on throughout the history of the universe. We want to know where the aliens are.

Psychopaths Are Different
An fMRI study compared the brains and behavior of psychopathic violent offenders to non-psychopathic offenders and non-offenders, finding that psychopaths have organizational differences in the parts of their brains related to emotion, self-control, reward processing, and learning that likely underlie deficits in ability to learn from punishment.

Smells So Warm
Incensole acetate, a compound isolated from Frankinsense, activates ion channels in mammals known to be involved in the feeling of warmth in the skin. Additionally, it activated areas of the mouse brain known to be involved in emotion processing and targets for anti-depressants.

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21 January, 2015 – Episode 498 – This Week in Science

January 27th, 2015

Planet X and Y?, Light Slowdown!, Belly MicroMissiles, Happiness And LSD, Eat The Fish, Zebra Stripes, Agoraphobic Snails, Killed By Hypoglycemia, Science & GOP, Are You Sitting, Bugs & Guts, PacMap, Calling Ceres, Beetle Babies, And Much More…

disclaimer disclaimer
wisdom, ancient knowledge, ancient formulas, ancient truths… ancient Chinese secrets…
understanding of the world the ancients may have had…
Chances are
they were entirely wrong…
beliefs based on poor premises…
Limited further
by lack of information, supernatural ideologies and substandard scientific
In short,
whatever wisdom of the world there existed way back when…
It had to be
discarded for the world to reach modernity…
And while
most of what we humans once thought was wrong,
We are now
living in the age of answers,
where mysteries
remain but are on notice…
on notice that
any unknown, no matter how ancient it may be, may be about to breath it’s last
musty breath here on…
This week in
science… coming up next…

Planet X and Y?
A new report on the movements of ETNOs, or extreme trans-Neptunian objects, suggest that there might be at least one, if not two, very large objects (bigger than Earth) in orbit beyond Pluto in the Oort cloud.

Light Slowdown!
An observational study found that structured light is measurably slower than unstructured light in free-space, on the order of microns over a meter. While a blow to the idea that the speed of light is unchangeable, it really only applies to work being done on specialized areas of physics and engineering.

Micro-motors swimming in bellies
Tiny nano-missiles make drug delivery much more specific and efficient.

LSD makes life worth living
Do psychotropics hit the brain’s reset button?

Eating fish is fine…
Fatty acids in some fishes might protect you from the heavy metals that build up in their flesh.

The latest on zebra stripes
It looks like the fly repellant theory I reported on a couple of years ago may be bunk, and those stripes may just serve as a/c…

Snails in labs turn into agoraphobics
Being in a lab completely changes snail behavior. The question is, if being in a lab alters snails, are there any animals we can test on in a lab, or are they always changed by the experience?

Killed via hypoglycemia
Cone snails are using insulin to kill their prey. What’s next, epinephrine-shooting vipers?!

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Science and the GOP
Here’s your run-down of who will be doing what politically with regards to science and the GOP.

Are You Sitting?
Stand up! Sitting for long periods of time is really, really bad for you.

Bacteria And MS
Research has found a correlative link between H.pylori infection and MS, in women.

Young Gut Old Disease
A link has been demonstrated between bacterial gut infections in young mice and auto-immune disease in old age.

PacMan IRL
New techniques are being developed to use your phone to play PacMan using maps on your phone and GPS.

Dawn Closing Ceres
We’re almost to Ceres, and new images have been released by NASA, including one showing a mysterious white spot on the object’s surface.

Beetles are working an angle
Beetles can tell breeding from non-breeding beetles, increasing the chance they will get eaten, and decreasing the chance they will get eaten. They didn’t much care about gender, and preferred unknown beetles – to increase the number of adults working for them. Sneaky beetles!!

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15 January, 2014 – Episode 497 – This Week in Science

January 22nd, 2015

Repairing The Spine, Ending Resistance, Smartphone Separation, Sloshy Birds, Electric Knifefish, Bamboo Bassinett, Circumcising Autism, Synthetic Thoughts, American Dog Day, And Much More…

Disclaimer Disclaimer Disclaimer…
The following program contains explicitly educational language,
Graphic depictions of scientific fact,
and brief full frontal disregard for intuitive or supernaturally
derived notions of how stuff works…
It is intended for mature, immature, irreverent as well as
much too serious listeners of all ages…
Subject matter covered may occasionally be objectionable to
people with political views rooted in the middle ages…
All that is required for you to enjoy the show is that you
If after listening you find yourself challenging views you
held before listening,
the desired effect has occurred…
If after listening you find yourself pondering the relative
strangeness of the world around you….
The desired effect has occurred…
If after listening you decide that there is nothing better
you could have done for your brain than allow it a view of the world beyond the
confines of your skull…
the desired effect has occurred
And if after listening your brain sees something beyond its
boney borders that it wants more of…
the desired effect has occurred
If after listening you find yourself wanting more of what
your brain wants,
the desired effect has occurred and more is available…
Here on this week in science… live in new York city…
Coming up next.

Repairing The Spine
French and Swiss researchers have developed a soft, flexible device that can be implanted beneath the dura mater and directly on the spinal cord to deliver electrical and chemical stimulation. The advanced design is tolerated and effective in mice with spinal injury for at least two months, which is much longer than previous designs.

Ending Resistance
Bostonian and German researchers farmed bacteria in dirt boxes, and discovered a potential new antibiotic, called teixobactin, to which Staph and MRSA have absolutely no resistance. The researchers say the key to this compound is that it attacks the lipid portion of the biochemical pathway that is involved in building the bacterial cell wall, whereas most antibiotics have focused on proteins. Additionally, the source of teixobactin is a Gram Negative bacterial species, and the compound acts powerfully on Gram Positive species.

Smartphone separation anxiety
It’s real. ‘Nuff said.

Birds of a Feather get sloshed together
Drunk zebra finches slur their songs like drunk people slur their speach, but their motor skills did not seem effected quite the same way ours usually do…

Electricity makes Knifefish feel freaky
Male knifefish emit electric signals for their females, and females really dig it if the male has the proper juice.

Frogs use bamboo as bassinett
White spotted bush frogs in south India use bamboo to hold their eggs, and the father helps take care of them.

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Circumcision causes autism
Or does it? A correlation found between circumcision and autism is debated.

Items For Thought
Should we use synthetic biology to solve our man-made problems?
How available should the language of life, DNA, be? Does freedom of speech apply?

Dog day in america
How long have dogs been in America? And, just how long have they been hanging out with humans?

DNA Shuttles!
Thank to a team from New Zealand research intitutions mitochondrial DNA was shown to move from normal cells to tumor cells lacking mitochondria, restoring respiratory function and tumorigenesis. It is not understood how often this kind of horizontal gene transfer occurs between cells in living organisms, specifically humans.

Twitchy Dish Muscles!
Duke University researchers used myogenic progenitor cells (aka stem cells) to create human muscle cells in the lab that respond to chemical and electrical stimulation just like natural muscles. The development could make it possible to personalize research for patients suffering from a variety of muscle-related disorder.

Really, Really old shark sperm
A bamboo shark has produced a viable egg years after being separated from all male sharks. She stored that stuff for the longest ever recorded for sharks before popping out a sharklet!

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07 January, 2015 – Episode 496 – This Week in Science

January 9th, 2015

TWIS predicts 2014 in our annual prediction show, Cutllefish Cues, Fake Meal Pills, No Shed Xmas, Goldilocks Abound, Disco Clam, And Much More…

Future Disclaimer Disclaimer Disclaimer
Predicting the future has always been a difficult task…
Mystics, sages, crystal ball gypsies and financial analysts
have been at it for thousands of years with little evidence that they are doing
more than guessing about possible outcomes…

It takes some courage to predict things in the near future… Long
term predictions have a way of being forgotten if they are wrong,…
It’s one reason to have more respect for the nightly news
At least he or she is attempting to tell you about events so
new, they haven’t happened yet, but will come to pass within a weeks time…
while everyone else gets to ramble off info about things that have already
taken place.

Prognosticators have made bold predictions in the past.
The inventor Thomas Edison predicted a future where
Everything was made of steel, and iron could be converted into gold so easily
that it would cease to be valuable…
Both Tesla and Marconi believed wireless operation of military
vehicles and weapons would make war obsolete.
Decca Records declined to sign the Beatles in 1962 as Guitar
Music was on the way out…
Isaac Asimov predicted 2014 would be the year of mega cities
under the sea…

Popular mechanics in 1949 predicted that the Computer of 50
years into the future would no longer consist of tens of thousands of vacuum
tube… but only 1000. Bringing its desk
top weight down from 30 tons, to a mere 1 and a half

And showing the greatest vision over the longest time…
Popular Mechanics in a 1905 issue… (it’s been around that
long!) predicted that a doctor would one day be able to examine a patient
anywhere in the world by utilizing a mechanical hand that would transmit touch feedback…
and therefore be able to diagnose many ailments from afar…

While that last one is in some way shape or form already happening
now, the one thing they all failed to predict but you wise prognosticating
predicterator of future events saw clearly is
This Week in Science… prediction show… coming up next…

This year we predict…
From Justin: “Apple will create the iThink, a mind-phone interface.
Sparticles will be found by the LHC, our first glimpse of dark matter.
Serious talk about neutrino being the theoretical tachyon particle.
Will discover the atheon, the atheist particle that refutes the Higgs being a God particle.
When UN meets to put together climate change plan, cold weather will make them do nothing.
This is the year, the Monkeycat will be discovered.
No evidence for a gravity wave, but good penguin recipes from BICEP2 crew in Antarctica.
Green Bay vs. Broncos – Broncos lose.
This is the year, TWIS becomes a coast to coast show!”

From Blair: “-It will be discovered that actually, Pandas play an integral role in the food webs in bamboo forests (and I will officially apologize on the show, dressed as a panda) –
-As permafrost melts, we will discover a crazy, never-before described Family of animals
-We will cure Koala chlamydia and Koala populations will begin to bounce back
-In one state, a group will try to pass a law forbidding not only evolution and climate change education in the classroom, but also statistics, as it promotes “”leftist propaganda.”” The Supreme court will not agree.
-We will find another way crows are smart.
-Curiosity will see mold on mars! and then discover we brought it there. Whoops!
-We will read about yet another new theory on how pigeons navigate, nullifying the most recent – magnetic fields.
-Scientists will shine more light on dark matter
-A monkey will type some Shakespeare, via brian-to-brain communication
-I will create some more artwork to send to TWIS contributors, due to the fact that we will remain solidly over the $500 mark for the majority of the year!
-I will successfully goad a famous person (hopefully Bill Nye) to reply to a SHOUTY TWEET!!”

From Kirsten: “-You thought drones were bad in 2014… just wait for 2015. With new technologies like VR interfaces on the market, we will see pilots with their heads in their drones.
-And, the FAA will continue to punt on making regulations for the UAV’s.
-Japan’s SCHAFT robot will sweep the DARPA Robotics Competition in June… because he’s SCHAFT.
-The restarting of the LHC at 13 trillion electron volts, double it’s original power, will further confirm the Higgs particle and the Standard Model of physics.
-December’s climate change conference in Paris will consist of a large number of politicians hand-waving and making no real progress.
-The New Horizons mission will successfully rendezvous with Pluto finding it to be very cold, and the Dawn mission arriving at Ceres will find the same.
-Ebola will continue to rage in Africa, and be ignored by most Americans.
-We will still have no evidence of gravitational waves, although studies will be ongoing.
-As Europe’s ITER Tokamak facility begins construction, the US-based NIF will show progress on fusion experiments.
-Hydrogen cars will become more prominent in the market being snatched up by Silicon Valley yuppies, although petroleum vehicles will continue to dominate.
-An email will be sent by thought alone from a brain via a mouse-goldfish-robot pathway.
-SpaceX will successfully demonstrate reuseable rockets and new Mars vehicles.
– Using one of these rockets, Japanese company, Otsuka Pharmaceutical, with American company Astrobotic Technology, will solidify plans to put a can of Pokari sweat on the moon, and go on to win the Google Lunar X prize.
-Venter will create the first completely synthetic living organism.
-This year will mark the beginning of genetic printing on demand.
-Solar Impulse will become the first solar plane to circumnavigate the Earth.
-TWIS will kill in NYC!
-We will have an amazing 500th episode
-AND, we will produce more shorts, long-form interviews, and in-person meet-ups!”

How do you think we will do???

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Cuttlefish can hear, and are rather touchy about it.
Cuttlefish showed noise response at about the same range as fish, and showedmost sensitivity around the frequency at which we produce the most noise pollution in the ocean. Sorry guys!

Fake Meal For weight loss
Salk Institute researchers have developed a compound that locally stimulates the gut to “think” that it has eaten, resulting in weight loss and increased metabolism in a mouse model.

The science of a gorgeous, not needle-shedding Xmas tree
Scientists have been studying which genetic lines of trees shed the most needles to come up with the bestest trees of them all. The only hiccup is, climate change may get to them all, first!

Two New Goldilocks!
Astronomers delving into Kepler mission data have found eight new planets within the Goldilock’s zone of their host stars. Two of these planets are rocky, and potentially Earth-like.

Funky Disco Clam
There is a clam at the bottom of the sea that reflects light, and that has been nicknamed “the disco clam”. Enough said.

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