01 October, 2014 – Episode 483 – This Week in Science


First US Ebola Case, Life In The Stars, The Moon’s Man, Guns Kill People, Who’s Your Mommy?, Teenage Contraception, Magnetic Dolphins, Eyeless Cavefish Got No Rhythm, Bug Cam, Sharks Got Personality, What Is Wet?, Motivating Change, Apple A Day, Saved By Sugar, Pretty Mars Pictures!, And Much More…

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Time is a tricky thing…
Time can fly, drag, march, run out, heal and be killed,
You can give it, get it, have it, take it, leave it, be ahead of it, be behind it, spend it,
save it, lose it, and waste it…
Once gone you can’t get it back, but you can
always make more of it for the things that matter most
And as we learned from Einstein… it’s all a matter of perspective, as time doesn’t tick
the same everywhere for everything…
So while we begin our show at the same time of the day this week, but at different day of
the week this time
We hope that the sometimes confounding nature of time doesn’t keep you from being with us
right now as we tic off another episode of
This week in science…
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First US Ebola Case
The first case of Ebola has been diagnosed in the US, wherein the patient began showing symptoms 5 days after returning from West Africa, and went to a hospital in Texas for treatment.

Look For Life In The Stars
A search for the building blocks of amino acids by the Atacama Large millimeter/Submillimeter Array discovered the most complex molecule to date in dense star forming regions of space.

What Made The Moon’s Man?
Data from NASA’s GRAIL mission allowed researchers to conclude that the man in the moon resulted from volcanic activity, and not an asteroid impact as previously thought.

Guns Kill People
Evidence shows increases in gun sales match increases in homicides in the US.

Who’s Your Mommy?
Size of young in flies determined by first mating rather than male who sired the offspring.

Teenage Contraception
Free contraception program reduced pregnancy rates.

Dolphins are attracted to magnets! (Get it?!)
Dolphins showed increased interest in magnetized barrels as opposed to normal ones. They didn’t seem to react much differently to it though, they just seemed curious…

Eyeless Cavefish Ain’t got No Rhythm
Eyeless fish from Mexico have figured out how to capitalize on their deficit – by ignoring the sun.

New project helps citizens identify potentially dangerous bugs
A massive collaboration has set up a consistent bug-identification system to warn people of potentially dangerous vectors in their home

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Sharks Got Personality
Scientists found personality traits in sharks.

What Is Wet?
Researchers have developed a neural model to help us understand how we determine the feeling of wet. The conclude that temperature is an important component along with tactile sensations transmitted to the brain via specialized nerve fibers.

How do you motivate youth to change?
Shame them in real time!

An apple a day keeps the fat pants away
Granny smith apples in particular are irreplaceable when it comes to a healthy gut and a skinny human.

Gut Bacteria Saved By Sugar
Sick mice were found to produce a special sugar just for “good” bacteria in the small intestine while they were ill. The sugar might be linked to Crohn’s Disease.

Pretty Mars Pictures!
MAVEN and MOM have inserted into orbit around Mars, and started returning images.

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