03 April, 2014 – Episode 458 – This Week in Science


NASA Disses Russia, Old Man Moon, Not So Wet, Vibrators For Health, Spidey Smell, No More Whaling, Bowerbird Color Show, Fraudulent Or Genius, Low Cal Life, 7 Undeadly Portions, Middle-Fauna, Meatless Mondays, Hype For D, Snow No Water, Bionic Roo, And Much More…

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This Week in Science
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NASA Disses Russia
NASA suspends direct relations with Russia over tensions in the Ukraine. The suspension will immediately affect NASA’s space and science efforts. However, ISS activities are still allowed.

The Moon is old!
Using models of solar system formation and rare elements in the Earth’s crust, researchers constrained the impact that formed the moon to 95 million years after planets in our system started condensing, plus or minus 30 million years. So, probably some 4 million years ago.

Less Lunar Water?
A new analysis of the formation of hydrogen-rich apatite, the mineral that has us thinking there is lots of water on the moon, suggests that the moon may be quite dry.

Take two vibrators and call me in the morning

Spiders smell compatible women!
St. Andrew spiders can smell if a female has already mated twice and hence is clogged up. If he didn’t know, he could get eaten for coming too close!

Japan ordered to stop whaling for “science”
Japan claims it was for research, but they have killed thousands of whales and only publishd two papers. The have finally been told to knock it off.

Male bowerbirds know how to stand out in a crowd
Bowerbirds have figured out how to use color spectrums to their advantage, by making the bower highlight their brightest features.

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Messy genius or science fraudster?

Cut Calories, Live Longer?
Macaque monkeys on calorie restriction live 30% longer than those on an unrestricted diet, according to a new study out in Nature. But, it might not be a simple issue of calories in versus calories out, rather how lean you are to start with and how your body deals with certain foods might be at play.

7 undeadly portions

How do you wire a mouse?

Baby brain map

Meat and dairy adding more than we thought to climate change
If we are to meet to UN’s agressive climate change quota of 2 degrees celcius, we need to cut down on the meat and cheese.

It’s not the megafauna, it’s the middle-fauna!
Middle-sized animals are most vulnerable to extinction, a new study shows. We had forgotten to include predators in our models!

Don’t Need D?
Meta-review found no real benefit to taking Vitamin D supplements. However, 3rd trimester D levels in mothers did correlate to higher birth weight in babies.

Snow but no water

Bionic Roo for you!

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