04 November, 2016 – Episode 591 – This Week in Science Podcast (TWIS)


Tilted Moon, Interview w/ National Aquarium Conservation Director, Cosmic Pasta, New NASA Nose, Interview w/ NASA Goddard Director of Office of Education, Climate Changes Prey, Underwater Nanotech, Whale Song Waves, Interview w/ beatboxer Shodekeh, And Much More…

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Live from the National Aquarium in Baltimore, Maryland,
and the Maryland STEM Festival
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Tilted Moon
New research from UC Davis and University of Maryland published in Nature tries to explain why the Moon is tilted in comparison to Earth’s orbit around the Sun.

Interview w/ National Aquarium Director of Conservation, Laura Bankey; her favorite animal is any species of sea turtle. We talked about the National Aquarium, its research program, and conservation of deep sea canyons, like Baltimore Canyon.

Cosmic Pasta
Structural similarities between neutron stars and cellular endoplasmic reticulum might lead to greater insights into the connections between the large and the small in nature.

New Nose for NASA…
… with lasers that could sniff out chemical compounds on Mars.

Interview w/ Dr. Robert Gabrys, Director of NASA Goddard’s Office of Education. We discussed Goddard Space Flight Center education programs, getting students early experience in science, Hubble and James Webb telescopes, Mars work, and inspiring future scientists and astronauts to boldly go.

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Climate Changes Prey
Increasing water CO2 levels were shown to cause prey species to change their behavior, and swim toward their predators.

Underwater Nanotech
Little amphipods use some sort of nanotech to appear invisible. Researchers think it might actually be a bacterial coating.

Whale Song Waves
A new component of whale song has been discovered! Particles might play a role in communication in addition to pressure waves.

Interview w/ Shodekeh, vocal percussionist and experimentalist. You need to see this up-close laryngoscopic video of Shodekeh demonstrating various vocal percussion elements.

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