05 January, 2012 – This Week in Science


Happy New Science Year!!! Celebrity Science Stumbles, TWIS Recaps 2011 Predictions, Predicts 2012, And Much More…

Disclaimer, Disclaimer. Disclaimer!!!
Swaddled in election year politics,
Nursing on the bosom of post war recovery
The newborn year has arrived
And the future looks bright by the light of those eyes…
Even with a diaper full of debt
The new year offers new opportunities to engage in humanity’s most sacred of duties.
To learn… to teach what we have learned… and to pursue new knowledge
For just like a newborn baby, knowledge is a living thing.
And just like human reproduction, knowledge must constantly be reproduced in order to survive.
It must be communicated in order continue, encouraged in order to grow, and performed in order thrive.
When we do this, the knowledge of one becomes the knowledge of the many.
There is then no greater principal we can aspire to than this.
To produce more than we consume.
It is a method and model of intellectual sustainability that we seek to engage in each week here on
This week in science… coming up next.

Some celebrity science stumbles

We also recapped our 2011 predictions… just how well did we do???

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We predict the science for 2012! Let us know what you think below…

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