05 September, 2013 – Episode 430 – This Week in Science


Fukushima Follow-up, Michael Mann Mitigation, Life On Mars, Gender Bender Squids, Stinky Bird Men, Fishing For Menus, Mossie Noses, Brains: Make Them, Break Them, Peer Into Them, Control Them, Keep Them Young, Get Dumb When Poor, And Much More…

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Fukushima lives again!

Michael Mann gets to lawyer up!

Life on Mars?

Blair’s Animal Corner
Gender-Bending Cephalopods
Some female squids have iridescent stripes and others do not, but they all have the ability to show them off. Research hints that it may be to trick males into thinking they are one of the boys, and can therefore pass through unmolested. That takes dressing in drag to a whole new level!

Birds dig a man who smells!
It has long been believed that birds use vocal and visual cues to pick a mate, but new research suggests they actually can sniff out the good ones!

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It’s Brain Time!
We Make them!

We Break Them!

We Peer Into Them!

We Control Them!

We Keep Them Young!

Poverty makes you dumb
New research suggests that being poor actually effects your decision-making skills and essentially lowers your IQ. Talk about a positive feedback loop….

Fun Science
Restaurant Fish Help Keep Tabs On Wild Populations

Mossies Only Smell You At Night

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