06 March, 2014 – Episode 454 – This Week in Science


Ice Virus, Do You Like Music?, Chicken Tails, Beauty Under The Sea, Ladies Sing Too, Where Sea Turtles Swim, Getting Brainy: Sound, Math, And Bodies, Chemical Life Extension, Smarty Pants Plants, And Much More…

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It Came From the Ice
While only infecting ameobas, this is the largest virus found to date, and the oldest; it was revived from 32,000 year old permafrost. The question arises whether there are more viruses to be found that would be a threat to humanity.

Blair’s Animal Corner
What happens when you give paleontologists chickens?

The most beautiful animal you’ve never seen

Bird song isn’t just for the gentlemen
It looks like Darwin got bird song backwards. It’s ok Charles, you still have your beaks!

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How Brains See the World
When Blind People See with Sound
The same area of the brain, the extra-striate body area, becomes activated by the human form in both sighted individuals and those who learned to see with sound.

Math is Art
Beauty is in the mind of the beholder, and when it comes to math equations it is in the mind of the mathematician.

Getting Out of Body
A college woman came forward after learning about out-of-body experiences in a class, revealing that she has been able to have these experiences since pre-school. fMRI concluded that visual areas of the brain are turned off and other motor areas are activated.

Plants are smart – even smarter than we thought
Plants may be using cost-benefit analysis to make decisions – wait… WHAT?!

SRT1720 For A Long Life
A chemical mimetic for calorie restriction called SRT1720 extended the lifespan of mice on a standard diet by 9% in addition to extending the lifespan of mice fed a high-fat diet.

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