07 September, 2016 – Episode 583 – This Week in Science Podcast (TWIS)


Interview w/ Dr. James O’Donoghue, EmDrive Rumors, FDA Finally Bans, Magnets In Brains, Milky Pockets, Core Carbon Concerns, Conservation Balance, Social Neurons, Philae Found, Maya codex, Bad Early Spring, And Much More!!!

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The final frontier…
Or so it may have once seemed,
But we now find it to be just one of many frontiers that science finds before it…
With rovers and probes and telescopes investigating the solar system and beyond…
We have other frontiers we are pursuing much closer to home
Like understanding the inner workings of matter,
which when considering distances of scale,
is a much more distant journey than anywhere in our galaxy…
And how our ancestrally allocated assortments of DNA and RNA help to make us who we are…
And understanding the fundamental role bacteria play in our health…
And understanding how the changing climate will make living on our own planet seem as foreign as a new frontier…
And of course…
We are at the forefront of our knowledge in every category of science…
Boldly going where no scientists have gone before…
With a few exceptions of really brilliant scientists
who got there before we were really sure there was a there to be boldly going towards…
But like a scientist ahead of their time,
you will be in the knowledge before it is common…
Because you are boldly going to listen to yet another episode of…
This Week In Science
Coming up next!

Interview with Dr. James O’Donoghue
A planetary scientist at Boston University, Dr. O’Donoghue specializes in astronomy of gas giant planets. He uses ground-based observatories to view the upper atmospheres of Jupiter and Saturn, and is mostly interested in aurorae, Saturn’s “ring rain” and the atmosphere above Jupiter’s Great Red Spot, which appears to be rather hot. He recenly published an article in Nature on the heating of the atmosphere above the great red spot.

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EmDrive Rumors
The hotly debated EmDrive is going to space on a CubeSat, and it’s rumored that a paper authored by NASA’s secret project lab on the technology has passed peer review and will be published.

FDA Finally Bans
After years of reports by TWIS (jk)… scientific evidence against the usefulness of antibacterial agents in soaps, the FDA voted to ban 19 specific substances giving manufacturers a year to phase them out of products.

Magnets In Brains
Magnetite nanoparticles produced by the body have previously been linked to Alzheimer’s disease, but a new study found that similar particles from the environment are somehow entering the brain and getting into neurons. Many questions arise from this study.

Milky Way mash up
It seems an old bit of galaxy is all mixed in with a new bit of galaxy. We thought it was all the same, but it’s not.

It came from space
Does Earth’s core contain more than Iron??? Levels of planetary carbon suggest that an ancient impact might have given us an elemental edge.

Social Neurons
Researchers recording electrical activity from the brains of epilepsy patients discovered that an area called the rostral Anterior Cingulate Cortex might be responsible for monitoring expectations when it comes to the behavior of others.

Two Steps Forward
Positive news this week declares the giant panda is no longer considered critically endangered.
Also, many humpback whales around the world are doing better, too.

Two Steps Back
But, African savannah and forest elephants are losing ground due mainly to poaching.

Philae Found!
Finally imaged by Rosetta, researchers now confirm the landing location of the Philae lander.

Fake codex found fundamental

Early spring bad for ag

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