08 November, 2012 – This Week in Science


Other Earths, Good Old Days, Touchy Crocs, Caffeine For Good!, Navel Gazing, Mucus Toothpaste, The End of India, And Much More…

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An Earth Not Like Ours

The Good Old Days

BLair’s Animal Corner
Touchy Crocodilians
Despite their heavy armored skin, crocs can be very sensitive to touch along their jaws. Scientists have often wondered what the tiny raised black dots along the jawline of crocodilians are used for, and new research indicated it is not to detect oil, salinity or magnetism, but the are extremely delicate touch receptors, more sensitive than human fingertips. So, when that crocodile bites you, he knows exactly what he’s biting and how hard – comforting? Maybe not…

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Caffeine – the new antidepressant?
Caffeine enhances the processing of positive words, but not neutral or negative ones. So it makes you more productive AND gives you a better self-image. Sign me up!

Navel gazing

The End of The World

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