09 August, 2012 – This Week in Science


Science Is Curiosity, Slow And Sneaky, Growing Family Tree, Dolphins Got Culture, Booster!, LHC Update, TWIWRD, Bacterial Babies, Mean Tweets, Digital Sarcasm, And Much More…

Disclaimer, Disclaimer, Disclaimer!!!
People today…
Don’t want to do algebra because it’s too hard.
What will they use it for anyway?
Oh, what’s that?
Maybe there is an intrinsic value in learning to think in abstractions?
And, while we’re on it…
Why do doctors need to learn physics?
Maybe learning to break down a problem into smaller parts
in order to learn about a larger system
will help them learn to not kill the wonderful human system they work on?
Or, maybe we should all just go back to watching Olympic beach volleyball
while NASA lands a laser wielding robot the size of a Mini Cooper on Mars.
Maybe you’re just too old.
Or, maybe… this is…
This Week in Science… coming up next!!!

Mars Curiosity!!! Entry, Descent, Landing!

Oops, Morpheus

SPERM: It’s best slow and sneaky
In a study with fruit fly sperm, the slowest samples were best at out-competing other sperm for space in storage for later insemination. See boys? Faster isn’t always better!

The Human Family Tree Grows

Blair’s Animal Corner
Dolphins are Snobs
Dolphins have been observed exhibiting what scientists are calling “culture,” meaning that they form associations with one-another based on their interests. In this case, the interest is “sponging,” or using a sea sponge to help find prey amongst pokey rocks. These “spongers” make up about 5% of the population, and dolphins appear to be able to identify fellow “spongers” even if they haven’t been seen using one. Those elitist dolphins…

And while we’re anthropomorphizing
We need to be careful about the words we use when talking about animal behavior. However, it is still important to be interesting enough for the public to be curious, or the entire endeavor is useless…

A quick note – Get your pertussis booster shot!

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The LHC Boson papers are out

A Robot Hand
We have a face, some lips, a butt, skin that can feel, and now a hand. We are well on our way to a robot frankenstein!

Context and bacteria

Celebrities don’t always help endangered species
Should we be upset that famous people with many faithful followers make jokes about animal cruelty in the social media info sphere? No, I’m asking YOU…

..and a quick word in memorium for the oldest Hippo ever…

Do you get it?

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