09 February, 2012 – This Week in Science


Hitting Vostok, End Of The Ice, Hard Wired Addiction, White Zebra Stripes, A Science Boycott, This Week in Corals, Public Political Opinion, Faster, Better, Cheaper Solar, And Much More…

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We live in the present day which by all historical accountings is the most modern, futuristic, technologically advanced, scientifically savvy day ever to dawn on civilization… we also have the best smart phones.
And how have we gotten here?
Through many yesterdays of dedicated scientists, letting their curiosity lead them beyond what was known already, and into the unknown frontier.
By relying on nothing but the evidence produced in experimentation to light their way, to serve as proof of reality, these early pioneers of the present day took bold steps into the unknown, and collectively returned with the modern age.
While most of the bounty of science has been embraced with open arms, it’s the oddest collection of studies being held at arm’s length.
Evolution Stem Cells Global Warming
And while the dumbfounding deniers, the detrimental detractors and the dodgy deteriorators of discussion can use every modern device to spread their messages of misinformation… Taking full advantage of the scientific bounty by way of satellites, radio, television, and the internet…
There is one thing that they do not use make their points.
They do not use science.
they no doubt use cell phones, use plastics, have taken medicine and use electric lights at night…
But they do not use science to support their arguments… because that science does not exist.
What does exist is on This Week in Science
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Vostok has been hit!
Lake Vostok, a giant lake deep below 13,000 ft of ice caps in Antarctica, has been encapsulated for 20,000,000 years. Is there unknown life down there? Russians have been drilling during Antarctic summers for years and finally reached the lake this week. We are all tingling with anticipation to find out which organisms are hiding in this treasure trove! Could it be… Hitler?

This week in the end of the ice caps
We have lost enough ice to cover the entire US in .5m of water since 2003, or enough to raise ocean levels about .5in. The ice is actually melting a little slower than previously expected, but one would venture to say, it’s still not a good thing.

Addiction, disease of the brain
People may be “hard wired” for addiction: Addicts and their siblings share abnormalities in their fronto-striatal systems. Will this open up new treatment options for drug addicts?

Why do zebras have stripes?

It might not just be for camouflage… It turns out that zebras’ stripes don’t just confuse potential predators – they may also stave off blood-sucking insects!

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Science boycott!
Approximately 4800 scientists and mathematicians (and counting… gaining around 200 signatures a day) are boycotting the publisher Elsevier. Elsevier has been known to publish scientific research without citing their funding sources, who could indicate bias – these funders are often large pharmaceuticals.

Coral news!
Escape of the corals…
Timelapse photography has caught mushroom coral moving! The coral inflates and deflates to move sediment off of itself.
And, some like it cold
It turns out that calcification is more dependent on temperature than acidification. Does that mean we have a little more time before a coral disaster?

“Politics overwhelms the science.”
The public’s opinion on climate change correlates strongly with that of our in-office politicians. As long as they remain divided on the issue, the entire US will be, too.

Solar Cells – now over 25% more efficient!

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