09 May, 2013 – This Week in Science


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Oh, Climate, How art thou?
A russian lake formed from asteroid impact has given us information on what things were like 3.6 million years ago. It turns out the earth was very warm – around 15 degrees warmer, to be precise!
And, it turns out that humans didn’t kill out the megafauna, the climate did. That doesn’t mean you’re off the hook, poachers…

Deepwater effects

Water on the Moon? It came from close to home…
The water on the moon came from the same place ours did! This calls into question everything we know about la luna. Uh oh!

A new kind of antivenom
Scientists in Brazil have engineered an antivenom for spider bites in a lab without withdrawing venom from the animals or injecting others to harvest antibodies. Where will the out of work snake-charmers go now?!

Your Dog may save your life, and not just if you fall in a well
According to the American Heart Association, dog owners are at a decreased risk for heart disease – so go rescue a dog today, it could save your life!

Western Black Rhino Officially extinct
Sad News.

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Antibody Cures?
Migraines are a mystery to the scientific community, but it appears that one protein is usually present. Scientists have developed an antibody to target this protein – HOORAY – wait… ouch… shhh…

A heroine vaccine?
How about you just don’t take it to begin with…

How private is your DNA?
An artist has created portraits from DNA left in public places. Is this an invasion of privacy? Is our DNA sacred?

Things our ancestors said
Researchers found “superfamilies” of languages linking many of ours together. Looking back 15,000 years they found 23 words we all have in common today. Huzzah!

Nobody likes a fat talker
Stop talking about your weight! No one likes it.

It’s all about the ladies
Ladies prefer to talk about themselves, and to be interrupted by men. Um… the jury’s out on this one…

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