11 May, 2022 – Episode 875 – Why is Helium Rising?


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This Week: Atmospheric Rise, Viva La Virus, Concussions, One In 10, California, Fungal Fitness, Stress and fertility, Ominous Omicron, COVID Creativity, Good news, Dolphins with the Snake, Bee like Bats, Ancient indigenous Uruguay DNA, Healthy tattoos, Brain Fluid Boost, Brain Squirts, Brain Berries, And Much More…

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I don’t care which one, it really doesn’t matter the winged donkey rider, the winemaking street magician, the elephant-headed boy, the deadbeat dad navel gazer, the bearded old man telling mankind to get off his lawn, and sending a flood to kill them all…or any of the various ensembles of godly soap opera stars.

All the same to me, and as far as I can tell, functionally the same to anyone else as well, collections of stories, mixed moral messages, and conflicting logics, transformed into doctrines of social behavior that for the most part bear no relation to the texts from which they are supposedly derived.

And none of which should be considered at all relevant to today’s world because they largely manifested to serve medieval theocracies, and yet here we are in the land of separation of church and state, separated not just in the United States, but around the world as well there are a few places where theocratic rule still exists – Afghanistan, Iran, Saudi Arabia unless you are rich and that last vestige of colonial authority, Vatican City, and very soon, if we are not actively vigilant several of the less than United States of America.

What we are seeing happen already, in the rewriting of math and history test books, the rolling back of personal freedoms, the persecution of our LGBT+ communities, the elimination of sex education along with forced pregnancies regardless of age or consensual conception… is the introduction of theocracy to the modern world.

The world was once full of theocracies every nation was one. We gave them up for a reason. They are terrible, yet gaining momentum in the one place that has never been one.

And there is no greater threat to theocracy than… Science!

Science that answers big questions, that heals the sick, that invents technology, that allows near-instantaneous communication around the world, that lays bare the actual workings of the human body, the cosmos, and the very matter of the universe.

No matter what the origin story is, from which culture or whose religion, nationality, ethnicity, tribe or tradition anthropology can point to a mountain of evidence that proves that it is wrong.

As the fact-checkers of human history, anthropologists will have to be the next evolution removed from textbooks, biology replaced with creation myths truth, facts, data, and evidence, all contorted to conform to a theocratic narrative of the death of logic, the death of reason, and the death of applicable knowledge and the only thing standing in its way is…

This Week in Science

Some quick science news you can appreciate!

Atmospheric Rise
Helium levels in the atmosphere are rising. But, why?

Viva La Virus
Patient injected with virus… gets better

Concussion data- from the gut
Could gut analysis track health post-concussion?

One In 10
Researchers have discovered that while there are 10 different dopamine-producing neurons in the substantia nigra, only one, in particular, dies in Parkinson’s patients.

California has a plan
But will it work?

Fungal Fitness
Does diversity drive a thriving ecosystem?

Stress could impact female fertility
At least, in rats, subjected to screaming sounds…


Want a COVID Update?

Ominous Omicron
Just get vaccinated, okay?

COVID Creativity
We got creative over lockdown. That’s one upside.

Do you have COVID-19-related questions? Let us know!

It’s time for Blair’s Animal Corner!

Good news in conservation: condors return home
It’s important to remember that we do have the tools to right some of our wrongs.

We’re sure you heard about those dolphins with the snake….
Let’s talk about it!

What’s the buzz on bats that talk like bees?
That’s the buzz. They talk like bees.

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What science news does Justin have?

Ancient indigenous Uruguay DNA
Finding a strain of DNA from a people that were almost totally wiped out

Healthy tattoos
Forget a watch to track your health, you can use tattoos!


Rise up with Dr. Kiki for these stories!

Brain Fluid Boost
Young brain fluid component helps old brains.

Brain Squirts
Sea squirts and other ascidiaceans could prevent Alzheimer’s and other neurodegenerative diseases.

Brain Berries
Eat 1/2 cup of blueberries per day to keep dementia at bay.

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Do you have questions that you want us to answer (like, how to have greater longevity?)? Send us your questions! We will do our best to have answers!
Leave us a message on our Facebook page, OR email Dr. Kiki!

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