12 December, 2013 – Episode 442 – This Week in Science


Nobel Science Boycott, Melting Arctic Wandering Stream, Crowdsourced Fungus, Double Action DNA, Colorful Chameleons, Air Pressures Bats, Holography And Gravity, Bubble Crunch Pop Now?, Goldilocks Expansion, Life After Bang, What Is Animal?, Decisions And Memories, And Much More…

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Nobel Science Boycott
Get a Nobel, fight scientific publishers’ strangle hold on scientific information.

Melting Arctic Wandering Jet Stream?
Warmer summers with less sea ice might just be affecting the jet stream and weather in the lower latitudes.

Planetary Heating And Habitability
Goldilock’s says that planets need to be just the right distance from their host star, but that distance depends on the age of the star.

Life After Big Bang
Did the Big Bang support life before the stars?

Blair’s Animal Corner
Global Warming Ruins Everything
Rising temperatures may mess with bats’ baility to echolocate. What else, climate change?!

Flashy Chameleons are Better Fighters
Chameleons with better color-changing abilities and brighter colors proved better at besting another male in a fight. So, does that explain the flashy super hero costumes?

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Crowdsourced Fungus
People help scientists find a cancer-fighting compound in backyard fungus.

A Real Memory Chip
Seriously, DARPA funding is being used to supplement memory with technology.

Decision By Fluctuation
Oh, and you probably don’t have as much control over some of your decisions as you think.

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