12 December, 2018 – Episode 699 – This Week in Science (TWIS) Podcast


Uterine Influence, Deep Life, Dark Matter Evolution, Spider Milk, Junkie Finches, Midwest Climate Woes, Your Brain On Imagination, Information Mindset, Hexagonal Structures, Supernova Death, Toothless Whales, And Much More…

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Don’t put all your eggs in one basket.
Which, on the surface may seem like an unreasonable and deeply flawed idiom.
Yes, there’s the whole there goes the basket, so goes all the eggs…
But, if when collecting eggs from hens you attempted to carry multiple baskets
The risk of dropping a basket would obviously increase…
And how many of us actually collect eggs now days?
The modern equivalent might be, don’t put all your eggs in one shopping cart.
So, you’ve got a dozen eggs, you put six in this cart, and six in that one…
Still looks like the egg to cart ratio is off…
You now need a third cart…
4 eggs per cart, that seems a little less risky!
Unless you happen to be walking down an isle where someone else is attempting to push three carts
Because now the risk of being cut down at the Achilles by a shopping cart has gone up dramatically
When it comes to being a life form on planet earth, we are all in the same basket.
And until that changes we need to act like it.
Because where goes the earth, so goes all of us.
And nowhere is that made more obvious than
This Week in Science,
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Uterine Influence
Considering last week’s story about uterus transplantation, this story on the effect of hysterectomy on rats is worth consideration.

Deep Life
The Deep Carbon Observatory, which has been assessing the carbon inside our planet, recently reported that there’s a lot of life down there.

Dark through the ages…
a dark matter tale of stability.

Spider milk: not just for babies…?
Spiders can give milk… And what’s more, mom continues to make it long after young can fend for themselves! Does that sound like anyone you may know??

Darwin’s finches are getting spoiled rotten
Junk food is changing the course of evolution, in one of the poster-children of Darwin himself.

Chicken Years
We are affecting the evolution of chickens in unexpected ways.

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This Week in What Has Science Done for me Lately?!?
“Hello Dr Kiki,
I’m Elie (pronounced like Ellie but it’s a guy’s name). I’m from Lebanon and currently doing my PhD in Molecular medicine in Cyprus. my work is on the role of natural killer cells in Multiple sclerosis specifically when it comes to EBV infections. Being in a specialized virology lab, we rarely get to see or hear of science news outside our fields, that’s why I find TWIS such an essential part of my week, so much so that I’ve gotten in the habit of writing one of the topics I hear on the week’s TWIS. It’s found some fans who now enjoy my weekly TWIS update. Let me tell you what has science done for me: it has sparked my curiosity in the workings of everyday, it’s let me pursue my studies in a field that’s so vast and unknown, and most of all it’s allowed me to tinker in the working of biology, and dabble in other sciences outside of biology. So thanks for your hard work and enthusiasm. Much love to you, Blair and Justin!

Too many eggs in the Midwest basket
Climate change will have increasingly negative impacts on agriculture.

Your Brain On Imagination
Is just reality.

Information Mindset
Your attitude carries more weight than some genes.

Lipid membranes more organized than we imagined
Hexagons make them structured.

Supernova Death
Did a supernova kill off the Meg by giving it cancer?

Toothless whale does more than look silly
They tell us about the evolution of baleen!

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