12 February, 2020 – Episode 758 – How Do Climate Models Work?


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Dr. Kiki interviews Dr. Zeke Hausfather on the accuracy of climate models.

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It’s an interview week!

This episode features Dr. Zeke Hausfather, a climate scientist and energy systems analyst at the Breakthrough Institute, about his recent paper that looks at how well models of climate change have performed in their predictions of reality… in other words, checking to see if the climate models have gotten anything right about global temperature and atmospheric carbon dioxide levels. Because, really, what good is a model that doesn’t get anything right?

First, we discussed the basics of climate modeling. Then we moved on to important aspects of the climate that are included in the climate models before digging into the meat of the paper. Hopefully, we ended the interview on a positive look toward the future. The take home message is that the climate is changing, the models are more-or-less right, and it’s time to work together for a better future.

If you are interested in Zeke’s twitter summary of his paper, click here.

Also, Nature did a fabulous analysis of the paper here.

Do you have more questions about climate? You can find Zeke’s writing at Carbon Brief.


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