12 June, 2014 – Episode 468 – This Week in Science


Punch My Face, Or Don’t, How Much Life?, We Don’t Know, Not Standard Fit, Strong Spider Leaders, Copulatory Plugs, Spraying Puppy Love, Interview Re: Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary W/ Chad King, And Much More…

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Faces, they take a licking
Researchers at the University of Utah posit that faces evolved to take punches.

No, they didn’t. That’s bro science.
Brian Switek at his blog tears into the evidence arguing that hands have not evolved as weapons, and faces have become less robust with time. His post elicits some interesting responses from the authors.

How much life is out there?
Analysis suggests there may be 100 million complex life fostering planets in the Milky Way.

Stars are hot, life is not.
But, this doesn’t take the life cycle of stars into account. So, they are probably all dead.

Galaxies don’t fit standard model
Is it time for a reassessment of our view of the universe?

Terrifying spider colonies
It turns out that some spiders just need strong leaders.

Copulatory Plugs in Spiders
Big and Hard is best.

Love Potion #9… For Dogs
Oxytocin, the “bonding hormone”, makes puppies even friendlier.

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Interview with Chad King from Monterey Bay National Marine Sactuary (MBNMS) about a recent undersea mission in Monterey Bay to investigate a lost shipping container and the Sur Ridge.

“Chad King is a marine scientist and data analyst for NOAA’s Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary Integrated Monitoring Network (SIMoN). With SIMoN, he is responsible for the collection, analyses, and dissemination of spatial data relating to long-term monitoring projects. King also actively participates in the field as a part of the MBNMS research team. He earned a BS in marine biology at the University of California, Santa Cruz, and an MS in marine science at Moss Landing Marine Laboratories.”

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