14 February, 2014 – Episode 451 – This Week in Science


Happy Darwin Day Week!, Hot For Fusion!, Normal Dudes Relax, Peacock Tales, Calling Deer Sexy, Silky Spider Gifts, Crocs Climb Trees, Cray Cray Ant, Finding Old Footprints, Dinosaur Color Evolution, Toxo In The Sea, Emoticons And Emotions, And Much More…

Disclaimer disclaimer disclaimer
Despite the long delay
Today has finally come
The modern world, the modern age, and a modern human with a modern mindset…
Billions of years in the making,
You have finally arrived.
And what do you want now?
You the sentient result of evolution on a rumble tumble planet of predators and prey
You the modern generation standing atop the highest point of technology and innovation
You the information age internet user…
Able to google more information than was contained within the all the greatest libraries ever assembled put together.
You the Mars exploring, genome decoding, stem cell pluropotening, Higgs boson detecting, seer of distant galaxies and bringer of cures
What could you possibly want now?
The same thing humans on this planet have always wanted…
And like the humans that came before, the way in which you will get more is with
This week in science… coming up next

Happy Darwin Day!!!
Did you celebrate the great thinker’s ideas this past week?

Kind of… well, it is fusion, just not a lot. But done with a laser!!!

relax dude,
you’re normal

Sexy deer calls
Deer get hoarse and show fatigue after many months of trying to get lucky

Peacocks’ tails don’t mean squat
Peahens spend more time looking at width and feet than height of a gentleman’s tail

Crocs climb trees, yo!
There are no words…

Spiders prefer gifts when they are wrapped
The quality of the silk nuptial gifts are wrapped in decide who gets the sweet sweet sugar of procreation.

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Cray cray anti-ant-venom-ant
Crazy ant uses formic acid to defend against red fire ants.

800 year old footprints
… were found in the sand and then washed away with the tide. Poetic, really.

Dinosaur Colors
The pretty colors might also be related to metabolism and physiology.

Little toxo in the deep blue sea
Toxoplasma gondii found in Arctic whales. This is getting interesting…

it aint necessarily so…
Science says… camels might not have been a biblical thing.

Schizophrenia from You
1 out of 10 are auto-immune, and potentially treatable.

Emoticons and Emotions
Emoticon, say what? Your brain identifies it as happy like a real smiling face.

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