14 February, 2018 – Episode 658 – This Week in Science (TWIS) Podcast


How Many Loves?, Predictions Of Infidelity, Moving Mammoths, Loving The Flow, Femme Fatale Fireflies, Memory Is Sexy, Bunnies Abound, Pup Pituitary, Can’t Buy Love, Can Buy Happiness, And Much More…

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To err is human
To learn from your mistakes…
Is divine…
Actually learning from mistakes is just what learning is…
And learning from the past mistakes of others…
Along with how others got it right…
Is only as good as the information they left behind.
The first time two rocks were banged together that produced a spark…
The world did not change in any significant way.
Not until the person who discovered this interesting effect showed it to others did this knowledge begin to spread.
At first, it may have been little more than a cave parlor trick.
Something to amuse ones peers with.
Then, one dry summers eve…
As the crowd oohed and aahed…
An errant spark caught in a whimsical wind swirled its way into a pile of flammable tinder…
And fire was invented…
If enough of the cave party survived the fire that is…
If not, then perhaps the discovery took a bit longer…
Thankfully we have found a collection of primitive parlor tricks gone awry where the parties survived to publish the tale.
On This Week in Science,
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How Many Loves?
An analysis of 50 languages found that there are at least 14 different kinds of love.

Predictions Of Infidelity
There are many factors involved in relationship success, two studies identify those factors in the hopes of improving fidelity.

Love with the lights on…
A breakthrough in flow battery technology might bring us more sustainable energy.

Moving Mammoths
Mammoths on the move, cared for one another.

Femme Fatale Fireflies
These ladies are savage, but they just do what they need to survive.

Memory is sexy
Especially when it leads you to the sweet sweet nectar… Mmmm….

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This Week in What Has Science Done for me Lately?!?
“Here are two more sonnets Blair. I’m not sure either is what you’re looking
for, so ignore them at your pleasure.

My Springtime Hell
Perth Winter rains dye all the pastures green
The Spring is close behind, where hell ensues
The views are plundered by a new regime
As wildflowers bloom in all their wondrous hues
East winds now rising from the low plateau
Lift pollen grains into the clear blue skies
They’re carried down on to the plains below
Instilling misery in countless eyes
But thanks to science, Spring I can endure
Non drowsy anti-histamines, the cure.

My Podcast Heaven
I eagerly await each episode
My ears are filled with science, day and night
A hundred podcasts to my phone download
Flash memory stores untold gigabytes
But list’ning hours are too few in each day
And science shows have grown in recent years
But I can change the speed at which they play
At 1.3 I’ve caught up on arrears
So thanks to science, I am entertained
As more of our vast cosmos is explained

Bunnies abound
And, they have for a very long time.

Pituitary pups
A stress hormone released while in the womb may be entirely responsible for domesticated wolf traits.

Water Is Rising
At a faster pace than we thought. Turns out the acceleration of the pace of sea level rise is going to increase sea level by about 60 cm instead of the estimated 30 cm by 2100.

Can’t Buy Love
Relationships with high levels of materialism are rated as less satisfying, and have a higher chance of failure.

Can Buy Happiness
But, apparently, if you make $95,000 a year, you will be happy.

Entropy And Intelligence
Does an entropic brain correlate with intelligence? In this study it did.

Tesla Orbital Estimation
The Tesla vehicle is potentially settled into a stable orbit with a low probability of impact with the Earth or Venus over the next million years or so…

Lactation is for the birds!
The same hormone responsible for lactation in humans may be linked to parental care in zebra finches. See? This story had absolutley nothing to do with a bird with udders. Now try to get that image out of your head. Oops!

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