14 June, 2017 – Episode 623 – This Week in Science Podcast (TWIS)


Multi-Dimensional Brains, Solar Twins, Jupiter Is Old, Iced Out, Promiscuous Salamanders, Meerkat Paste, Human Transition, Wireless Energy, Deep Brain Stimulation, Two-Headed Space Worms, No-Spray Tan, Fungal Creeps, And Much More…

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Are you tired?
I am.
But, still, we are here.
We’ve come here for camaraderie
and enrichment,
Or, at least that’s part of why I’m here.
Each week that I show up.
No matter how tired I am when we begin
The idea of science as a connector
an equilibrator
and, although some might protest,
a democratizer,
fills me with excitement and energy.
So, that I am able to bring you
things I find most exciting
here on This Week in Science,
Coming up next…

This Week in What Has Science Done For Me Lately…
“Science has played a huge role throughout my entire life because it offers a way for us to seek what’s most important; the truth. My fascination with science and the answers it brings has led me to become a mycologist. I get to analyze fungi for my job, and through this I can find new medicines and practical uses for the organisms that most people take for granted. Fungi for me represents the very aspect of science that is so intriguing and wonderful, and that is all of the mysteries hidden within it, just waiting to be discovered. Thanks again for the wonderful show, TWIS, and I look forward to your next episode!”
-Minion Greg

Multi-Dimensional Brains
The Blue Brain project has concluded that the brain forms tiny multi-dimensional structures when stimulated in synchrony, and that these ephemeral structures could be the basis of our intelligence.

Solar Twins
New evidence suggests that all sun-like stars are born with a twin.

Jupiter Is Old
An analysis of meteorite fragments determined that Jupiter is the oldest planet in the solar system.

Salamanders bring a whole new meaning to promiscuous
This species maintains its all-female makeup by mating with males of other species, and stealing bits of their genetics. Freaky, right??

Meerkat smell is all about the microbes.
Meerkat 1 to meerkat 2: nice to meet you, here is my card, I mean my bacterial scent.

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Human Transition
New tool discoveries give insight into the Neanderthal to Human transition.

Wireless Energy
Stanford University researchers have managed to build a wireless energy transmission system that can power a moving object up to a distance of 3 feet.

Deep Brain Stimulation
Researchers published a possibe methodology for transcranial deep brain stimulation. We are skeptical.

Two-Headed Space Worms
Flatworms sent to the ISS underwent modifications for survival. One grew two heads.

No-Spray Tan
Researchers are developing a topical cream that induces the production of the pigment melanin in skin cells. If it is shown to be safe for humans, it could be combined with sunscreen to be a self-tanner with massive built-in cancer protection.

Mosquito Killing Fungus
Scientists have modified a fungus to produce spider and scorpion toxins that allow it to become a potent mosquito killer.

The fungal horror!
This week in nightmare juice, we aim to make you afraid of… THE FUNGUS AMONG US!

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