14 March, 2013 – This Week in Science


Mars Alive, Corona Danger, Bear Lineage, No More Animals!, Economical Cockatoos, Monkey Brains, South Pole View, Higgs Party!, HR8799c, Hole In The Ocean, Olive Oil Goodness, No Cancer E, 4-Winged Dino, And Much More…

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Used to be maybe life on Mars
It appears as though at one point in time there was flowing water on Mars. What’s more, all of the building blocks for life were present. Was there once life on Mars?!

New corona virus?
A new corona virus has been detected. There have been 15 cases, 9 of which have been fatal, and most have come out of the Middle East. Be on the look out!

Which came first, brown bear or polar bear?
Scientists have found brown bears with polar bear DNA and visa versa. But why? And who mated with who? And how?!

Blair’s Animal Corner
EU bans animal testing in cosmetics
Banning cosmetic testing on animals sounds like a great idea, but what about detecting possible carcinogens? And what about the future of medical testing? This may be the start of a slippery slope to a BIG problem…
Cockatoos are Economists!
Cockatoos in Vienna were able to hold a food reward in their mouths for up to 80 seconds and exchange it for a greater one, while ignoring the allure of instant gratification. If only these birds were running Wall Street…

Monkey Brains
Researchers from Madison, Wisconsin successfully took skin cells from rhesus monkeys, regressed them to a stem cell state, convinced them to turn into brain cells, and transplanted them into the monkeys’ brains. SCIENCE!

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News from the South Pole Telescope
It turns out that what was previously thought to be interference on the telescope was actually the birth of 1000 suns a year starting from when the universe was a mere 1 billion years old. That many stars would definitely cause some interference…

Higgs Particle…
Confirmed! Let the parties commence!

The huge exoplanet with this catchy name appears to have water vapor and carbon monoxide. It is described as “Jupiter-like,” but does not have any methane, and with surface temperatures over 1000 C most likely cannot support life.

There’s a hole in the bottom of the sea
Rocks and seawater interacted without sunlight in chemical reactions giving birth to a whole realm we know nothing about under the ocean floor!

Olive Oil – Good for you – Surprise!
Olive oil helps you to feel full, so don’t cut it out of your diet, even though it may be high in fat.

Vitamin E may prevent cancer

Holy dino bird with 4 wings, Batman!

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