15 May, 2014 – Episode 464 – This Week in Science


BICEP2 Drama, Seas On The Rise, Weighty Ice, Parasitic Scum, Early Americans, Birds And Radios, Extinct Weasel Cat, Brain Science Extravaganza, Black Death Bennies, Ancient Drug Use, Curing Mice, Fructose Failure, No Sentient Robots!, And Much More…

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While it is
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If on the
other hand, you embrace science, love learning and are only slightly alarmed by
the many technological advances leading us towards world robot domination… while
secretly longing to see the day…

You will
find the following hour of programming a soothing siren song of what makes having
a brain worth more than the price of admission here on this week in science…
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This Week in Science…
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BICEP2 Dramas?
A physics blogger writes that the BICEP2 team have admitted to some within the science community that they might have made some errors. However, the team still publicly stands behind its publication and result. So, who knows…

Seas Are Going Up
Antarctica is melting.

Weighty Ice Issues
When ice melts, it relieves pressure on the regions of the Earth’s crust, and can have effects up to 250 miles below the surface.

Parasitic Scum!!
Parasites determined to have evolved from algae.

Early Americans
An underwater cave discovery confirms Native Americans’ relatedness to Eastern Asians who crossed the Bering Strait thousands of years ago.

What to do about waves?
Migrating birds are affected by electromagnetic radiation in the radio frequency portion of the spectrum.

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Extinct Weasel Cat!

Brain science extravaganza!
EEG brain experiments show that when transferring an object from one hand to another, the hemispheres do the same with both hemispheres maintaining an image of the object until the hand-off is complete.

The brain contains maps for where movements are supposed to go and their direction, as well as location and direction, and is sensitive to posture.

New neurons mess up old memories.

The bennies of Black Death
Death did have its benefits.

ancient drug use
mouse cures

What is it about fructose?
A new study finds high fructose corn syrup IS bad for us. What gives with all the conflicting data?

Robots Will Never Be Sentient
At least, they won’t have a human consciousness if we keep designing the way that we do.

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