18 July, 2018 – Episode 679 – This Week in Science (TWIS) Podcast


New Moons, New Volcano, Carbon Tax, Old Bread, Electric Spider Balloons, Animals That Wait, Lantern Lights, Gut And Autism, Secular Economics, Diamond Earth, Koala Tongues, Microbe Chips, Grabby Robot, Not An Alien, And Much More…

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The fast approaching future will be here in no time at all…
In fact,
there it was,
racing past us…
Always, we have decisions to make…
On the one hand,
there are the many things we ought to get done…
Daily lists of responsibilities what always need doin’
On the other hand,
four fingers and a thumb likely grasping a mobile type device and seeking idle distraction…
In the back and forth between mindless tasks and mindless distractions…
It can sometimes become a mystery why we need a mind at all.
I’m not saying it’s our fault,
no it certainly isn’t our fault…
I’m blaming you.
And you should too.
Because you of all people know
that there is always something productive you can be doing
to keep your mind active and engaged in the world around you…
In fact you’re doing it right now
By tuning into This Week in Science,
Coming Up Next…

New Moons
10 more moons have been discovered around Jupiter bringing the total to 69.

New Volcano
Jupiter’s moon Io also gets a new volcano according to a recent scan by NASA spacecraft Juno.

Carbon Tax
The Stanford Energy Modeling Forum estimates that it will be beneficial to the economy overall to implement a carbon tax and to phase out coal-based power.

How old’s that bread?
Thousands of years older than agriculture itself.

Spider Ballooning – it’s electric!
A new study suggests spiders don’t just use the wind to travel through the air, and they may not need wind at all…

Well, I’ve waited this long…
It turns out we aren’t the only ones who will stick with a bad decision due to “time invested.” Yet another way we aren’t special – sorry!

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This Week in What Has Science Done for me Lately?!?
“A science poem

What brings forth our lights in the darkest night?
What gives microscopic sight and man flight?

How do we cure a disease we can’t see?
Or break away free from earths gravity?

Through trials and hardship we test and we test.
All for the sake of mankind’s progress.

Thanks be to science for all that you offer.
From vaccines, to planes, and of course the dish washer!
–Travus Alexander Leroux”

Caught in the act!
Evolution under the sea…

Gut And Autism
A link between the gut an autism symptoms has been speculated for years, and a recent study adds more weight to the idea.

Secularism is good for the economy
According to science, anyway…

Diamond Earth
A new analysis of the crust and upper mantle of Earth using sound waves estimates that there are up to a quadrillion tons of diamonds hiding below the surface.

Koala Tongues
Despite a limited diet, koalas may have quite the refined palate.

Microbe Chips
A gene sequencing microchip might be the answer for doctors figuring out when to prescribe antibiotics.

Grabby Robot
A new robot designed to grab and study soft-bodied sea organisms was described this week.

Not an alien
Just a little mummified child.

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