19 June, 2014 – Episode 469 – This Week in Science


Probing fukushima, Conscious Hubs, Thinking Syncing Brain, Neander-skulls, Color-blind Crabs, Anxious Crawfish, Sticky Horny Frog, Fish-eating Spiders!, Hubble, Gaia, Rosetta, and Espresso with Scott Lewis, Futball and Exoskeletons, And Much More…

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Probing fukushima
With cosmic rays! Toshiba and LANL are teaming up to image the nuclear material in the Fukushima plant with cosmic rays.

Conscious Hubs
The brain reboots itself from induced unconsciousness by bringing up activity in specific hubs first.

A brain that syncs, thinks
As monkeys learned a task, brain areas involved were found to synchronize their activity.

Pit of bones
A pit containing 17 Neandertal skulls reveals new information about hominoid evolution.

Crabs aren’t hard of herring!
They have special structures for discriminating among sounds in the environment.

Crawfish get anxiety
And like to hide in the dark, but feel better with antidepressants.

Super sticky horned frog!!
Big mouth and a sticky tongue make for an interesting story.

Nightmare fodder
Fish-eating spidersssssssss… AHHHHHHHHHH!

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Guest: Scott Lewis, Host Space Fan News
Astronomer & Science Communicator
Presenter of Space Fan News!
Creator of Know The Cosmos
Co-host of HubbleHangouts with Tony Darnell and The Hubble Space Telescope
Co-host of the “Virtual Star Party” with Fraser Cain from Universe Today.

Deep Field
Beyond Pluto

More News…
Fish have feelings too ya know
Seeing around corners
World Cup Ball Is Better
According to NASA, this year’s ball design will be more predictable when kicked at speeds typical of World Cup players.
Was the Robo kick underwhelming?
It was a kick seen round the world, but what does it really mean for paralysis victims?

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