20 November, 2019 – Episode 748 – The Science Awakens


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What is in the This Week in Science Podcast?

Half A Brain, Update On The Force, Skull Bonnet, Yeasty Bees, Peacock Disco, Swimming Bees, Milky Way Gazing, Brightest Burst, Science Broth, Non-Stick Toilets, Dino Bird, Moon Map, Social Health, AR Papers, Not Laughing Gas, And Much More…

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The following program contains unclassified information of both government funded and academically executed science from around the world…

Subjects often range in scale, scope, energy and even time…

One moment we may find ourselves in the backyard of a spring garden observing bees.
In the next, deep below a glacier contemplating the movement of water…
Then, without warning, we might find ourselves walking amongst extinct beasts,
Or walking on the moon…
Or walking the fine line between what we think we know…
and what we find when we actually look.

Minds afraid of traveling need no ticket to take this ride as they may never reach a destination.
Sudden shifts in cognitive focus should be expected.
Irreversible increases in intelligence have been incredulously implied.
And, as always, it all starts with agreeing to open your ear holes to the audio brain waves of…

This Week in Science,
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Are you ready for the Science News?

Half A Brain
People who had up to one hemisphere of their brains removed to treat epilepsy are able to recover almost completely normal function. How does that work? According to this fMRI study, connections between existing brain networks are stronger than in whole brains.

Update On The Force
Hungarian physicists have published a new pre-print updating their research investigating a purported ‘fifth fundamental force’ of nature. Still very much in contention, this force might emanate from an as yet undiscovered protophobic boson, which researchers have temporarily dubbed ‘X17’.

Baby Helmets
Babies buried in ancient burial mounds discovered in South America wore caps made of the skulls of older children.

Yeasty Bees
Yeast is intricately involved in the lure of bees to flowers, and potentially beehive health as well.

Finally, it’s time for Blair’s Animal Corner!

You’ve heard about cat and mouse, what about mantis shrimp and disco clam??
Their dynamic is similar. Disco clams buck the trend and have adapted to protect themselves by opening up instead of battening down the hatches.

That bee in the pool is actually swimming for his dear life!
Bees can flap their wings in such a way as to create a wave and surf (or paddle) their way to safety, before they get tuckered out. What’s next? A new swimming robot, of course!

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This Week in What Has Science Done for me Lately?!?

“What has science NOT done for me…
There isn’t anything that science has not done for me. Between saving my Dad ( who was an aerospace engineer on the Hubble telescope who worked on the solar arrays) and helped a dear friend who had an ectopic pregnancy. To just me driving my car to work.

I run a high end restaurant. Everything…from the kitchen, to the lights, to the plumbing, septic and so on is ALL SCIENCE. There is nothing that you do that has not been affected (not sure if that’s the right use) by science.

It’s everywhere you see, smell, touch, feel and as you should…love? you all are the best. Even you Justin. That was totally a joke because of the last person who ripped you. ? Continue your work, please and educate the next group of people.
Thank you,
Isaac Bonaker

I do want to elaborate on my Dad. He was in an accident and lost the use of his left arm, that being his primary arm. With training and help from again, science he was able to retrain his ohter arm and complete his goal. Being a part of science.

He was a part of building the most important scientific device of the 90s. With one arm. Without science, and determination (a key factor) my Dad, Steven Bonaker, would not have been able to be a part of a program that has changed the views of almost every scientist. I am proud to be a product and a part of science.

Btw besides being a chef… I brew beer, wine and mead which is ALL science. Keep it up!”

Let us know what science has done for you lately, and we will read it on the show!

Now, let’s continue with SCIENCE NEWS!…

Looking inward at the Milky Way
We get a view of supernova remnants, and more…

Record breaking Gamma-ray burst
Bright light, big burst!

Science Broths
Using broths sourced from schoolchildren in the UK, researchers found some extracts having anti-malarial properties on par with the leading drug used for treatment.

LESS Water For Toilets
Materials engineers created a slippery substance for toilets that when applied to toilet bowls around the world might add up to some big water savings.

Let’s end with some quick SCIENCE NEWS stories!…

New Dino Bird
Fukuipteryx might be the cutest missing link yet.

Moon Map
NASA scientists have combined images from the Cassini mission to produce the first map of Titan’s surface.

Hanging out with buddies does a body good
Social crows are less likely to carry sickness. But why??

Scientific papers go AR
OK, these papers really jumped the shark… err… ant?

Nitrous Oxide
The increases in N2O in the atmosphere are no laughing matter.

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