20 October, 2011 – This Week in Science


A Malaria Vaccine, Gypsy King Ancestors, A Near Miss?, Carbonated Rivers, Not So Faster Than Light?, High On Depression, Math Anxiety, No TV For Baby, New Planets, An Artistic Challenge, And Much More…

Disclaimer disclaimer disclaimer!
In the following hour you will hear stories that are neither true nor false
Neither fact nor fiction
Neither six of this nor half dozen of the other
Neither concrete, nor abstract nor a hazy concoction of the two as agreed upon by anonymous vote…
What you will hear instead is the absolute best guess of what reality has taken place in the past, and what realities we are likely to undergo in the future…
This system of gathering from past observations to predict the future is called science
And while nothing in science is ever as certain as the whimsical beliefs of mankind…
Certainly it has its place as a backup plan for when our ideal world fails to materialize…
Though occasionally our whimsical nature is rewarded as we see when we faithfully tune into another episode and find…
This Week in Science… coming up next

A Malaria Vaccine
On Course to Eradication

Gypsy King Ancestors

A Kraken of a comet

Carbonated Rivers

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Maybe Not So SuperLuminal

High Praise for Depression

Turn Off Your TV – http://arstechnica.com/science/news/2011/10/its-official-to-protect-babys-brain-turn-off-the-tv.ars

New Planets

And, Greedy, Party Crashing Stars

An Artistic Challenge

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