That’s right, people. You can watch TWIS when we broadcast.

Finding us used to be a bit cumbersome, but with the help of our brilliant minions, Arenlor and Ciphan, it’s now very easy to watch the live show. Oh, and, it’s easy to find our chat-room and be a part of the conversation.


Well, we now have a page for the LIVE show and chat-room… all in one!

Head over to on Thursday nights around 7:30 – 8ish PM PT. The video screen should auto-refresh, and start playing the show when we go live. In the meantime, hangout with the minions in the chat-room by logging into the chat-room entrance frame that’s located directly below the video.

The page is still in beta, so if things don’t start up when you expect, simply refresh the page to see if the show is on.

We hope to see you there!


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I'm the host of this little science show.