23 January, 2014 – Episode 448 – This Week in Science


Flaunting The Law, Antimatter Beams, Viral Collapse Cause, Viral Life, No Virus Stem Cells, Bird Night Clubs, Abusive Flies, Teaching Justin Funny, Men Strategize Anger, Bad Squirrels, Bad Frog Dads, Super-Habitable Earths, Supernovas, And Much More…

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Texas charter schools flaunt the law
It seems quite likely that unconstitutional lessons on Creationism are happening in lieu of biology. I’d love to dig into this one. I’ve had significant doubts about the oversight of charter school teaching methods and curricula.

Antimatter beams at CERN!
What does this mean now? Not much, except to physicists, but it could lead to some interesting developments in energy down the road.

Viral Collapse
New research finds that the Tobacco ringspot virus is involved in causing colony collapse in honeybees.

Bird Night Clubs
Chats are the most flirtatious at night, and have specific locations where males and females meet to philander.

Abusive flies
Female fecundity is higher when suitors are related. Males compete less when their sexual rivals are their brothers. Fruit flies are twisted…

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Teaching Justin Funny
Researchers determine when joking about tragedy is funny or just too soon.

When men get angry
There’s a fun study in PNAS this week about men using anger strategically when in competitive situations.

Squirrels are the worst
Squirrel-proof your bird feeders, folks!

Frog dads throw their babies in the deep end
Male frogs prefer to place their offspring in potentially cannibalistic waters rather than cannibal-free zones.

Grab your binoculars, you can see this one!

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