27 February, 2014 – Episode 453 – This Week in Science


Radiation Ocean, Kepler Wins Big, Gaia In Orbit, Robots Publishing Gibberish, Palm Oil Farts, Feed The Cows, Undersea Tetrapod Cafeteria, Bleeding Crabs Dry, AntiVax Creeps, Female Brain Good, Cities Dry Up, Super Old Cheese, Baby Poop Sausage, Pandas Flee, And Much More…

Disclaimer disclaimer disclaimer
This is not a test.
All testing was done before the show started.

The stories you are about to hear are true
The facts have not been changed so that we may prevent our ignorance

Since claims you hear today are based on scientific experimentation
actual results will not vary

In the event of emerging data by future study of similar subjects
The hypotheses you hear here now will either be refuted or confirmed

Therefore, any offers of knowledge are subject to peer review approval
The only thing that will likely not be subject to change over time is this…

From the big bang to the latest advances…
We got more science news than Chinese zoos got pandas

on This Week in Science…
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Fukushima radiation hits the west coast!!!
But, it hasn’t hit the US yet, only beaches in British Columbia. Researchers reported at the AGU Ocean Sciences meeting that the Japanese radiation in the form of cesium-134 and 137 is not expected to reach levels of concern. Why? The ocean is a very big tub of water.

Kepler hits the jackpot!
Finds 715 new planets using new technique that doesn’t depend on outside confirmation by ground-based telescope.

Gaia is in orbit
The ESA launched the Gaia mission in December 2013 to do a massive survey of the sky with the largest camera in space to date. The telescope has reached its orbit point 1.5 million km from Earth, and opposite the sun from the Earth from where it will map stars in the Milky Way and look for potential Earth-bound asteroids.

Gibberish makes it into science
Papers created by artificial intelligence algorithm have been published by publishing companies such as Springer and the IEEE, as well as in conference proceedings for many conferences in China. The papers were filled with gibberish and included fake authors.

well… methane…
Palm oil isn’t bad enough as a rainforest destroyer
it releases asinine amounts of methane, too.

… and we can reduce the cow farts in our atmosphere
by feeding our livestock better

The earth’s first tetrapods ate underwater
proving genetic evidence, fossil evidence, and ecological evidence that we came from fishies.

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Bleeding crabs
bleeding horseshoe crabs for their bacterial sensing ability leaves them the worse for wear.

Pandas are troubled by livestock
pandas run away when horses come around, and then the horses eat all their bamboo. How much more pathetic can you get, Pandas?!

Female brains can deal
with more genetic mutations that affect brain development, explaining how more males develop autism than females.

Climate change ends big cities

Super old cheese

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