29 March, 2017 – Episode 612 – This Week in Science Podcast (TWIS)


Body Signals, Citrus Clean, Exporting Ground Water, Weather Whiplash Woes, Spider Personalities, Chimps Don’t Care, Survival Of Sex, Raven Cliques, Guppy Love, Plant Microbiome, Cannabis Wine, Arctic Plankton Bloom?, Bullies And Bulimia, Tazzie Tigers Alive???, And Much More…

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You have arrived at a destination…
which is a good thing.
One in which all your wildest inquiries are being pursued…
The go to destination of the wondering mind.
How do you know if you’ve found the right spot?
If you are:
Irritated by ignorance…
Unsatisfied with not knowing…
Left Wanting when hearing only half truths…
Find uninformed rhetoric anti-climactic…
Then look no further…
You have arrived.
From ground shaking insights,
to far distant planetary discoveries
You will hear the harmonic tremors
As we will move the heavens and earth into clearer focus
Until you are completely satisfied…
A wondering mind is a wonderful thing
And we’re so happy you chose to share yours with us…
Here on…
This Week In Science…
coming up next

Listen to your body and STAHP EATING
Does your body tell you when you are full? Even better, can it tell you when you’re getting fat??

Fruit peels for clean water
Those useless peels from your grapefruit or orange could be used to make clean drinking water!

Exporting ground water
Up to 11% of groundwater depletion is directly linked to agriculture for internationally traded foods.

Weather Whiplash Water Woes
Drought will have a major impact on water quality and availability in the mid-West.

But he’s got a great personality…
Spiders may not be as hard wired as we thought – in fact, their range of personalities may be vast.

Music falling on deaf ears
Chimps don’t care about your music. Can it really be??

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Survival of the sex…
why we do it

Raven social structure may be as complex as the High School cafeteria
Ravens remember who is friend and who is foe, develop patterns as social butterflies or loners, and use their social knowledge to get ahead. Ravens – they’re just like us!

Smart ladies know what they like
…and if you’re a guppy, it’s flash and panache.

A call for A Plant Microbiome Project
Do it right!

Getting snooty
About cannabis.

Arctic plankton bloom?!?!
The ice has gotten so thin (how thin is it?) that enough light has penetrated to cause a plankton bloom. Uh oh?

Bullies and bulimia
School bullies and their victims are obsessed with weight loss compared to others.

Tasmanian Tigers??? Alive????
We’re still not sure, so don’t fly off the handle, KAREN!

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