29 May, 2014 – Episode 466 – This Week in Science


World Robot Domination with Robot Overlord David Calkins, Walking Robots Named Jimmy, How Much For That Robot In The Garage?, Female Scorpions Attack!, Thoughtful Flies, Whiplash Evolution, Blue Bee Honey, Odor Of Exploitation, Compulsive Brains, Bad For Your Brain, NASA Recaptures Satellite, What Museum Collection?, And Much More…

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TWIS is now. What is now? Now is not then, now is not later. But now never lasts – it is infinitely small, and impossible to grasp.
With every tick of the clock, a now has past, and a future becomes present.
What nows were and were good, what nows are now long gone and were less than perfect, what nows have passed us by as highly forgettable, what nows have become thens and were downright regrettable, all those nows are written in the tombs of time forever.
We cannot get them back, and nor should we. But we can grow and learn from the nows that are gone. With the nows that will come soon, and not so soon, the nows in the future, we can plan, we can look forward, and live hoping to make those future nows better.
So… what to do NOW? No… NOW? Now?! Oh, of course – now… it’s time for THIS WEEK IN SCIENCE! Coming up next…

TWIS was joined by roboticist David Calkins to discuss (dum dum duuuummmm…) World Robot Domination

New walking robots!
Intel’s got a version
Another link to walkers… Darwin
There’s also a Robo-Velociraptor in development.

Female scorpions are more likely to attack, males are more likely to run!
Pregnant females are too hefty to flee, so instead they fight with extreme ferocity!

Fruit flies think before they act
Fruit flies took longer to choose where to grab food when scents were more similar. This indicates a process of thinking and decision-making – something fruit flies were not thought to be capable of… Until now!

Evolution so fast… it gives you whiplash
Crickets in Hawaii on two separate islands have evolved into silence – in less than 20 generations, independently!

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French Bees Making Blue Honey
Pollution from an M&M plant upstream is causing bee honey to come out blue. Is that a bad thing? Probably…

More proof your smart phone is making you dumber
Taking lots of pictures makes it harder for you to remember things. So, put down that camera and enjoy your life!

ISEE-3 satellite re-capture and reboot

Are Museum Specimen collections necessary?
Some say yes, some say no. But so many things are figured out years, decades, or centuries later, is it worthwhile to have these creatures on file? Sounds like probably yes…

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