Get Your 2018 Blair’s Animal Corner TWIS Calendar Now!!!


The 2018 Blair’s Animal Corner TWIS Calendar is now available for pre-order! Click the image below to reserve yours now!

Pre-order your calendar (or 4) now! The more you pre-order, the better it will be for everyone.

This year’s calendar features black and white hand-drawn art of various animal species by our resident zoologist, Blair.

Each year, Blair lovingly spends hours upon hours produces the artwork for this calendar, and this year in homage to her color-blind state, it’s a black and white calendar for YOU to color.

Additionally, as usual, the calendar will include special scientifically relevant dates to be aware of during the year. Never be caught by surprise on a day to celebrate science and geekery! Get the Blair’s Animal Corner TWIS calendar to always be in the know.

Pre-ordered calendars will be sent in the mail in the end of November to December, 2017.


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