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What is a Podcast?


Justin Jackson:

An anarchistic utilitarian mystic by birth, he converted to extroverted existentialism around the age of four. By age seven he had founded “The Institute of Reason”, a common sense think tank of like minded seven year olds working to improve the world they had inherited, over which he presided as Director until an unfortunate oversight in the bylaws of the institute forced him to resign on the eve of his eighth birthday.

On the walls of Justin’s office hang several PHD diplomas from top U.S. universities, including (Yale, Harvard, Stanford and UC Davis). None of them bare his name, a fact that, when confronted with, is defended by him countering “Want a drink?.” Or the possibly more sinister… “They’re just trophies. (followed by a maniacal laugh)”

A self-described delusional and gift to all womankind, Justin has little tolerance for the delusional behavior of others, as is evident in his ongoing attempts to lobby members of congress to have himself installed as the nations first Religion Czar.

When first approached by Kirsten to be a minion co-host of TWIS, he believed her to be a figment of his imagination, and so agreed to do the show. Feeling the stings of Kirsten’s wrath after not showing up to the first show, he began to take his imagination more seriously.

Favorite Scientist: Nikola Tesla

Vision: excellent at 20/10
Best word used to describe: Candid
Education: All older women that knew what they wanted and how to teach it.