Your Patience Is Requested…


… while we get this new system running properly.

There have been several challenges to getting this new site online. Not only have we built the site (thank you Arras for being a wonderful free WordPress theme!), but we have also changed hosting services.

The whole process required us to transfer all the files amassed over the past seven years from our old host to the new, and to make a switch from Blogger to WordPress without losing any valuable content. Additionally, the switch is likely to cause trouble with iTunes for a short time while the DNS changes propagate.

We know that you rely on us for your weekly dose of science infotainment, and that schedule has been a bit irregular lately. Part of that was due to changes on our part, and part was due to increasingly frequent issues with our old hosting company (hence the switch).

Regardless, we are working as fast as we can what with other jobs and limited funds to get things back on track. Hey, we like to be regular, too!

So, please be patient if TWIS doesn’t make it into your iTunes feeds this week. It will be there very soon.

In the meantime, peruse the new site, listen to some old shows, and make some comments either about the shows, the show content, or the site itself. We are looking to get you even more involved in the TWIS community, and will take your suggestions seriously.

Thank you for caring and worrying about what has been happening with TWIS lately. We haven’t been great at communicating about all of these changes. But, we appreciate your support.

Thanks for sticking with us!!!

Peace, Love, and Science…


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