TWIS 2013 Catchup Announcements!


Welcome Blair Bazdarich!

Blair Bazdarich
If you’ve been listening to the show (and you have, right?) then you already know this, but we’d still like to publicly welcome Blair Bazdarich, former TWIS intern, as our official co-host! For a year and a half now she has been an enthusiastic and invaluable member of the TWIS team, and as of her return from herd 6-month trip to Israel earlier this year, has become a permanent fixture. We couldn’t be happier, and hope you are too.


Catching TWIS live has been difficult since we moved to Google Hangouts, and for that we can never apologize enough. But we can certainly start to apologize properly by announcing that is fully armed and operational. Head to that page every Thursday at … er, well, around 8ish PM Pacfic, more or less? (Kai-Time may be in effect, we hope you can understand,) and you can join us for the live show. And don’t forget to sign in to the IRC chat, right on the same page. If we aren’t live for some reason, that’s the best place to find out what’s going on. Hope to see you there!

This Is TWIS

This Week In Science (TWIS)

Kiki, Justin and Blair FINALLY met in person, all three together in the same place at the same time the other week, and somehow the universe didn’t end. They got some great photos that we’ll be featuring on the site soon, and they also took the opportunity to record a brand-new introduction to TWIS, which you can watch right here and find over on YouTube.

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