21 Hours of TWISmageddon


TWIS is hosting 21 Hours of TWISmageddon in a knock-out, drag-down celebration of SCIENCE and the fact that world will not end on the 21st of December at 11:11 UTC.

Join us as we broadcast live for a stupid amount of time to talk science with people around the world!!! We will be joined by Tom Merritt, Joanne Manaster, Andy Ihnatko, Carin Bondar, and more!

We’ll be live on Google+ Hangouts and live on our YouTube channel.

The fun all starts at 00:00 UTC (that’s 4pm PST for me!)! Check your time zone here.

Our chatroom lives at webchat.freenode.net, #TWIS.

The Countdown to TWISmageddon is ON!


About the Author

I'm the host of this little science show.