The 2016 TWIS Blair’s Animal Corner Calendars are here!



We know you are excited about this! We are, too!

Blair worked her butt off to get these calendars to the presses in time for the holidays, and you know what? Her work paid off.

We have a grand total of 100 beautiful calendars available for you! Not many, so get them while they are hot!


These calendars are full-color prints of pieces of art hand-drawn by Blair. Each month you will find a new animal surrounded by a different color scheme. Which is impressive considering that Blair is color-blind.

Also, never miss a TWIS! We put it on the calendar for you, along with what we consider important science-y holidays to keep you entertained and informed throughout the year.

Need a link? Of course you do. Click the image below to order now!

Get your calendar today!
Please, allow 1-2 weeks for shipping.


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