14 July, 2011 – This Week in Science


Justin Raps, Stem Cell-o-Rama!, Fish Using Tools, TWIWRD Disturbs Us All, Lizard VS. Bird, The Internet Is Your Mind, And Much More…

Justin’s Disclaimer Rap:
Disclaimer to the many minions and fans of twis
If you gotta hungry brain it’ll bounce to this
And as I labor to find the inspired line of reason to rhyme
So I can spit science-y alliterations when it comes show time

Dr kiki gets the show rolling
with a phd of kick ass knowing and kicks will be going
to my shins if my speech is slowing
or my tangent starts flowing

But seriously how do you contain within a brain frame of just one hour
That the world as we know it is but one drop in an informational shower
That everything we know now is only ten percent
of what we will learn in fifty years hence

Its mind boggling to say the least
That each week we could have such feast
Of new ideas and new discovery
From exoplanets to ancient dna recovery
From the big bang to the latest advances
We got more science news than Chinese zoos got pandas

And all the great finds of late minds over the history of time
on the shoulders of giants we put it in context
This week in science is coming up next…

Stem Cell Round up!!!
California Eyes Stem Cells – http://www.popsci.com/science/article/2011-07/first-trial-embryonic-stem-cell-treatment-blindness-begins-california
Stem Cell Breakthrough… in Mice
First Synthetic Organ Transplant
Teeth From Stem Cells

Fish Using Tools
A (surprisingly) great compilation of the press on this story

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Robots For Climate Science
Really Disturbing Robot (video from popsci, and Kagome song)
But, neverfear, NYT article reassures us that robots aren’t us yet…

Lizard vs. Bird

The Internet Of Our Memory

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