3 March, 2022 – Episode 865 – How to Pronounce Science


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This Week: Science & Policy, Mask Pollution, Personality Takes Guts?, Let’s Eat Bugs, Cancer Cures, Tires Are Bad, Chimp Learning, Animal All-Nighters, Face Mask Followings, Epigenetic Brain MRI, Energetic Vision, Space Quickies, And Much More…

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Disclaimer, Disclaimer, Disclaimer!!!

Democracy, the ability of a people to choose their leaders and hold influence over their government…
is the greatest threat to world governments.
At least to those governments that do not have elected leaders.
While democracy is something we kind of think of as a given in the western world, 37% of the planet’s humans are living in authoritarian regimes.
In these authoritarian regimes, the people have limited freedoms, highly controlled access to information, and essentially no rights that cannot be taken away from them.

What we call misinformation, is often the only information people in these regimes see or hear.
Try to imagine for a moment if that was all the information you had access to…
If every media outlet, website, and social media platform only presented you with false narratives.

Then I could tell you there is no pandemic virus, no global warming, and no such thing as cancer.
That not only did America win gold in every event at the Winter Olympics but I, your glorious leader personally competed in and won each of those events!

While that can sound ridiculous…
Ahmadinejad claimed Iran had no homosexuals, State media claimed Kim Jong-il didn’t defecate, that North Korea had cured all disabilities, cancer, AIDS and that they found an actual unicorn lair.

China posts around 500 million fake profile, pro-government posts on social media per year.
Right now Russian media is reporting that they are fighting fascist Nazis and that Ukrainians are meeting the Russian troops with flowers and homemade pie.

And in the US, there was a recent attempt to overturn a democratic election with propaganda and fraudulent electors.

37% of your fellow humans are living under regimes of state-sponsored misinformation 37% of your fellow humans cannot vote, cannot speak their minds in public, and do not have basic human rights protections.

37% of your fellow humans will live and die without knowing the simple joy of…
This Week in Science
Coming up next…

Some quick science news to brush up on your pronunciation skills!

Science & Policy
What will come next for the US? Biden gave a State of the Union address that spoke of climate change only twice.

The Gut/Energy Level Connection! 
Your Gut may be affecting more than you know.

Masks are killing animals
You should still wear one, but dispose of them properly!

Let’s Eat Bugs
Eat insects for the plants.

Cancer has been cured… in mice
Gotta look for the keywords (Mice) still impressive though!

Tires are Bad
Aquatic life responds poorly to tire pollution from roads.


It’s time for Blair’s Animal Corner!

“Use your words,” said the chimpanzee
Say is better than show for chimps and humans, so teachers really are all that for animals, too!

Animals pull all-nighters, too
No time for naps when danger is afoot!

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What science news does Justin have?

Face Masks and Tin Foil hats
Sifting the tweets of the Danish people to see the shift in (mis)information throughout the pandemic.

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Let’s finish strong with more science from Dr. Kiki!

Epigenetic Brain MRI
Using a totally new, multidisciplinary technique, researchers are imaging how experience changes the DNA in the brain.

Energetic Vision
Mitochondria are for focus.

Moon Booster Update!
It’s not a SpaceX booster, but likely of Chinese origin (although they deny it). Regardless, the space junk will hit the far side of the moon on March 4th at 7:25 am EST.

No Black Hole
Just a ‘Vampire’ binary system.

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