03 February, 2011 – This Week in Science


Kepler Finds, Our Big Universe, Power To The Future, Brains And Bacteria, Military Alternatives, Getting Humans Out, Making Better Chips, Minion Mailbag, And Much More…

Show Notes:
Some of the stories we discussed…

Kepler finds mini-solar system (Thanks to David Eckard, Gord Mcleod, Ed Dyer!)

Universe bigger than thought (Thanks to Monkey, David Eckard!)

Bacteria and the Brains (Thanks to Ed Dyer and Gord McLeod!)

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Humans left Africa earlier than thought (Thanks, Pamela! )

Humans left Trees 4.2 mya

Molybdenum, yum! Molybdenum better for transistors (Thanks, Monkey, Gord McLeod!)

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