16 March, 2022 – Episode 867 – When Irish Pi Are Smiling


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This Week: Egg To Offspring, Female jockeys, Webb Alignment, Homeopathy, Cell Lineage, Good news; but just Blairly, COVID Rising, School Masking, Birds Smell, Fire Bad, Fire Good, The Winning Mindset, Mouse Perception, And Much More…

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Disclaimer, Disclaimer, Disclaimer!!!

Of all the things in nature, there are few as perfectly constructed as an egg.
Which egg I am referring to doesn’t much matter,
but picture if you must the egg of a chicken.
It has a protective shell, able to withstand the weight of a chicken resting upon it
Within the egg is perhaps, the very meaning of life explained…
Inside are all the ingredients for needed,
the nutrient building blocks,
the instructions of DNA,
And eventually, a fully formed baby chicken will be living in there
Free from the worries of the outside world
Unconnected, self-sustained, and perfectly happy in its little egg world
Until it’s time to break out of its shell and get on with being a chicken
Sent out of the egg life with one overriding mission
Make more eggs.
People have pondered the question of which came first
Chicken or egg
The answer is egg. Eggs came first.
Chickens are less than 60,000 years old,
a relative newcomer to being a species.
Dinosaurs, lizards, amphibians
all had eggs long before there were birds let alone chickens.
The first mammals were likely egg layers too…
Hundreds of millions of years before any of these, fish were laying eggs.
But that’s the genius of eggs!
Fish – dinosaur – turtle – chicken – it doesn’t matter to an egg.
To an egg, everything is about eggs.
every niche of the food web and each adaptation of evolution
The structure of the genome
and every instinct of every lifeform upon the planet
All just strategies towards making more eggs
More eggs, and more episodes of
This week in science
Coming Up Next…

Some quick science news to keep you smiling!

Egg To Offspring
CRISPR-caused parthenogenesis, Is it the same as the real thing?

Just when you thought it was safe… volcanos!!!

Female jockeys are just as good.
…. And for some reason, that was something that we needed science for…

Webb Alignment
Webb image released! NASA has completed mirror alignment on the Webb optical telescope, and the results are better than anyone expected. After calibrating the mirrors with a few other instruments onboard, the science will begin.

Did we really need a homeopathy study?

Good news, but just Blairly.
Our protections for sea turtles do some good! Now if we could just refrain from killing them with climate change….

Cell Lineage
Renewed reproduction sort of


Want a COVID Update?

COVID Rising
Several European countries are seeing increases in COVID cases and hospitalizations again, likely being driven by a surge in BA.2 spread. What does this mean for COVID generally?

School Masking
School mask mandates reduce the spread of covid, so let’s just ditch them. Seems like a good idea!

Do you have COVID-19 related questions? Let us know!

It’s time for Blair’s Animal Corner!

Birds smell!
And this time, they turn out to be more or less smelly depending on the time of year

Before buying that, please submit for testing.
Testing ivory trinkets’ DNA could put detectives hot on the trail of poachers

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What science news does Justin have?

Fire Bad
More Fires, More Frequently

Fire Good
It has to be the right type of fire at the right time made by the right people

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Let’s finish strong with more Pi-ence from Dr. Kiki!

The Winning Mindset
Salk researchers have detected the neural signature of a winning mindset… in mice.

Mouse Perception
Is it real or is it a photo? Apparently, mice know the difference!

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