22 September, 2011


Faster Than Light?, Smarty Party, Seagull Poo, Parasite Hacker, What You Eat, DNA Triple Threat, TWIWRD, Nervous Genes, Gaming For Science, And Much More…

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If you have not yet heard the news, this announcement may be reaching you too late…
While it is likely too late for you to do anything about it,
the news is so shocking, so un-paralleled in it awe inducing implications…
as to have rendered those with advanced knowledge vaguely helpless and little more than mild panic has occurred in the meantime…
The story is that the speed of light might have been broken in a laboratory…
and with it, a major pillar of science has cracked
and all of physics is now in jeopardy of collapsing around us…
While this is a preliminary observation and has yet to be properly vetted,
Already we see the effects of this unprecedented paradigm shifting event as NASA satellites, uncertain about the validity of special relativity, have begun plummeting from their orbits in despair…
And thought the end of the world as we know it may be at hand… fear not brave minions!
For the world as we did not know it is under foot…
And in the final analysis, the brave new world we are walking into
May not be that much different than…
This Week in Science…
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