26 June, 2014 – Episode 470 – This Week in Science


Musical Chimps, Microbead Madness, Melting Meters, Eliminate The Competition, Spiders In Disguise, Invading Earthworms, NeanderPoo, Fossil Larvae, SmartPhone Microbiome, Back Off!, Rat Regret, Food Dating, Burrowing In The Genes, Butterfly Compass, Special Guest Sama Ahmed, And Much More…

Disclaimer Disclaimer Disclaimer
The following hour of programming is part of an ongoing investigation
into planet Earths ability to make discoveries in the field of science…
Each week, we check in on our subject to see how things are
coming along
And each week… the earthlings surprise us with many new
scientific discoveries with which to amuse ourselves…
From their perspective, the human ability to sense things is
quite limited…
Narrow band of light spectrum vision, limited audio frequency
hearing range, and not much else …
And yet, with the aid of their very primitive yet highly
functional brains, there is very little beyond the human ability to comprehend.
Where senses fail, they construct new ones…
Where evolution left them off, they evolve technology to go
And when even the
most powerful technology on earth cannot observe a subject of interest directly…
The human uses a form of mystical pattern recognition they
call “Math” to know things about the universe… far from human ability to see or
hear or taste or touch…
And while we observe the human condition in general to be inexplicably
and unpredictably less than desirable at times, it is only these highest
achievements of awesome amazingness that we have included in this report now
being submitted for you perusal entitled…
This Week in Science… coming up next

Sama says! This Week we are joined by Sama Ahmed from Carry the One Radio, a fantastic graduate student produced podcast out of UCSF. He brings:
Plastic microbeads from @DerekHennen
Old Neanderthal poop from @ClathrinSays
Fossilized larvae! from @BioInFocus

The Animal Corner contains:
Mitigating Climate Change Impacts may mean picking sides
Competition provides extra pressure on those animals already stressed due to changing climate. Recent research suggests some animals may have a much better chance of surviving climate change if competitors are eliminated.

Spiders are masters of disguise
If they weren’t scary enough already, some spiders can cover themselves in dirt to appear practically invisible!

Wormy Citizen Science
Worms are invading North America, and one way for us to stop it is through a new fancy app!

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More from Sama:
Rats regret bad decisions from @Lwang19.
The genetics of burrowing from the @HopiHoekstra lab at UCSF.

And, Blair…
Your Phone is gross – but that’s a good thing!
Your smartphone reflects your own personal micrbiome. Perhaps your phone will soon be able to tell you when to go to the doctor!

Busy Butterflies have a built-in compass
Light and magnetic fields play a part in butterfly migration – there may be yet another threat to butterfies – magnetic disturbances from humans!

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