13 March, 2014 – Episode 455 – This Week in Science


Water Everywhere, Time Matters To Brains, Tiny Arctic T-Rex, Parents Care Longtime, Spider Ant Bodyguards, Pachyderm Linguists, Sexy Cannibal Dinner, World Robot Domination, Two Kinds Of O, People Don’t Know Water, Hangovers Tech Nothing, Animals See Power, Monkey Segregation, And Much More…

Disclaimer disclaimer disclaimer
Science is amazing!
Science is evolving!
Science is the sum of trial minus error over time.
Hits minus misses.
But don’t diss the miss.
The miss is important,
almost as important as the hit.
The miss tells us where we are moving in the wrong direction, studying the wrong thing and it might even show us a hit we didn’t even think of.
We all want the hits, but the credit should go to all the misses we’ve befriended, who have pointed us on our journey to Hitsville and waved us on our way.
Here’s to the miss, hero of science.
But don’t miss
This Week in Science…
Coming up next!

Many thanks to Tony Steele for this episode’s Disclaimer!

Water Everywhere
Water found bound within a diamond suggests that much of our Earth consists of water.

Time Matters
Brain scans confirmed that the hippocampus categorizes memories by context, the who, what, when, where, and how of an event. When the order of events was changed researchers detected changes in the electrical patterns of the brain.

Tiny Arctic Dino
We don’t know if it was cute, but there was a pygmy T-Rex dinosaur living in the arctic many millions of years ago. And, by pygmy, we mean still taller than any of us.

Spider uses ant as bodyguard
What a pathetic spider! Can’t even fight his own battles!

Elephants are linguists
Elephants know different human languages

Cannibalism is sexy
… if you’re a spider

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WORld Robot Domination
We Will Obey
Would you obey a robot master? Many people will!
Fish Are Robots Too!
Robotic fish get smooth moves from gas hydraulics and silicone.

Two Kinds For Ladies
Of the Big ‘O’, that is… we discuss the news in an adult fashion, of course.

How much Water do you use?
Really, you are bad at estimating your actual water use. But, try to think more about being efficient, especially if you live in California.

Hangovers Teach Nothing
So, if you do drink, know that past hangovers won’t dissuade you from future drunks.

Animals can see power
Power lines flash and spark and have halos in the animal world. No wonder they avoid them.

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