30 December, 2010 – This Week in Science


300th Episode

This Week in Science Celebrates its 300th Episode!

The annual TWISmas episode, also it’s our 300th podcast episode! We’re bringing you The Top 11 Science Stories of 2010!!!

Show Notes:
Number 11: Lancet retraction

Number 10: Microbes everywhere
The water of Lost Hammer
Animals Survive Without Oxygen
Microbes Are the Key to a Happy Gut

Number 9: Solar ships
Space Ship Sails on a Breeze of Sunshine
Sun-Powered Plane Takes a 24-Hour Flight

Number 8: Visions of our universe
A Portrait of Saturn’s Moons
The Map of Everything
Is Life’s Chemistry Cooking on Titan?

Number 7: Prostheses
E-Legs by Berkeley Bionics
Restoring vision in the blind
Second sight in the market
Retina implant
Robot Skin Can Feel Your Touch

Number 6: Big Physics
Large Hadron Collider Gets Going With a Bang
Large Hadron Collider officially made the switch from protons to lead ions
Early universe was a liquid
Antimatter atoms successfully stored for the first time
Do Physical Laws Vary From Place to Place?

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Number 5: Commercial Space Flight
Falcon 9 and Dragon capsule
Working with NASA

Number 4: Neanderthals + Humans
Stone-Age Romeos and Juliets

Number 3: Ocean Census
Marine Census Completes Its Count
Census of marine life

Number 2: Synthetic Life and regenerative medicine
Creation of synthetic life and conversations about regulation
Nerve cells created from stem cells

Number 1: NASA
NASA-Funded Research Discovers Life Built With Toxic Chemical
The Goldilocks Planet
The First Peek at the Solar System’s Edge
NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory – A Portrait of a Violent Star
Water on the Moon

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