01 August, 2013 – Episode 425 – This Week in Science


Ready For Flight, Cockatoos With Smarts, Spiders… with Personality!, Dolphins Have Names, Instagram… For SCIENCE!, Rats And Mice Are Nice, Stem Cells From Urine!, Exercise Changes You, Making Earth Hotter Faster, Sunlight Hydrogen Factory, And Much More…

Disclaimer, disclaimer, disclaimer!!!
When we are born we are born into feeble bodies that can do very little about how and where we are in the world
Dependent on parents for everything
Only able to communicate through cries and smiles
Our first major obstacle to seeing the world around us is overcoming gravity, growing strong enough to have a look around
In time, we learn to hold our heads high, to crawl, then walk then one day run…
And this was as far as we had gotten for over a hundred thousand years…
In the last hundred years we have overcome many more obstacles.
We have mastered flight, mass communication, launched countless satellites and probes, walked on the moon, gazed upon galaxies billions of light years away and peered into the inner workings of matter itself…
In the progress of humanity it is easy to think that we are up and running
But the future may prove that we have not yet even begun to crawl
We have proven that our once feeble minds are capable of holding our heads much higher
And the least we can say, is that we have grown enough to have a look around
And what better place to start learning to crawl than
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Bird Brains!
Ready For Flight
Cockatoos With Smarts

Spiders… with Personality!
A new study suggests that each individual spider has a personality distinguishable from one-another. Yet another reason to fear spiders and keep a safe distance – you never know if it’s a nice spider or an impulsive one with a mean streak!

Dolphins have names
It turns out that each dolphin within a pod responds to a specific sound, just as we respond to our own names. Just when we thought dolphins couldn’t get more terrifying…

Instagram… For SCIENCE!
Next time someone gives you guff for wasting time posting pictures on the internet, just tell them you are helping out the greater scientific community (that is, if you’re posting wild animal pics) and no, your cat doesn’t count…

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Light Implanted Memories

Brain Controlled Rats

Restoring Sight To Blind Mice

Stem Cells!
From Urine…
Urine Makes Teeth

Exercise Changes You

Earth Could Become A Living Hell… Like Venus

Making Hydrogen With The Sun

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