01 May, 2014 – Episode 462 – This Week in Science


Thinking Tooth, Girls Are No Dummies, Neanderthals Not Dummies, Super Mites, Safe-bee In Numbers, Dogs Dig Therapy, Scientist Sex Results, More Mars Water, Migration Good, The Brain Barrier, CO For Seals, Spider Acrobats, 3D Lisa, And Much More…

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Across much of the northern hemisphere, spring has sprung.
A new year of science is blossoming.
The seeds of hypothesis previously planted in the minds of researchers are sprouting up everywhere.
From garden variety cosmology to farm town physics, from landscape laboratories to greenhouse climatology.
Knowledge is growing, greening and blooming like never before.
A may day basket of flowering findings for us all up ahead on
This Week in Science,
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Neanderthals were no dummies

Thinking tooth

Girls are no dummies

Super Mites!
There’s a new fastest animal in town, and it is a small mite that can run the human equivalent of 1300 miles per hour.

Safe-bee in numbers
Just like humans walking through a bad neighborhood, bees land on perilous plants to pollinate when there are others around.

Therapy does not stress out dogs
Lots of studies have looked at how therapy dogs help patients, but how do the dogs respond to the job? Aparently, they don’t mind it, at all.

Does the sex of the scientist affect your results?!
When mice in a pain study had a male or the scent of a male researcher in the room, the results got skewed… NOW can we get more women in science?!

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More water on mars

Is migration good or bad?
It turns out, migration might actually help control the spread of disease. Instead of dispersing the disease to new environments, having animals leave crowded areas and culling out those too sick to travel could reduce the spread of pathogens throughout a species.

Putting one past the brain… barrier

Carbon Monoxide could be good for you…
If you are an elephant seal!

Cartwheeling spiders!

Leo was working in 3D!

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