02 May, 2018 – Episode 669 – This Week in Science (TWIS) Podcast


Native American History, Thirsty Skeeters, Jeepers Creepers!, Camo Works!, Meet The Dino-Bird, DNA Methods, Quiet Bats, Hawking Ideas, WORLD’S OLDEST SPIDER, And Much More…

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This Week in Science,
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Native American history
DNA evidence suggests that the original founding population of Americans who migrated from Siberia to North America was made up of 250 individuals.

Mosquitoes so parched, they’re looking for BLOOD.
Female mosquitoes are thought to drink blood to make eggs, but they might just be thirsty…

Jeepers Creepers!
Mantis shrimp eyeballs are up to some crazy stuff. How can they even see???

Camouflage works even when animals are spotted!
Disruptive coloration makes it hard to tell what predators are looking at, even once they figure out there’s someone hiding!

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This Week in What Has Science Done for me Lately?!?
“Hi TWIS gang,
I am a relatively new listener, I’ve only been listening to the podcast for a few months. But I love listening and I really appreciate the variety of stories you share. As a biology nut it’s great hearing stories from outside my usual field.
I really enjoy listening to the ‘what has science done for me lately’ segment and it always gets me thinking, what would I share?
I thought about the medical advancements that have helped me or my family and friends, but I don’t have any spectacular stories like others have.
Then I thought about the fact that I work with animals, and the constant research that improves my ability to look after my animals, and even look after animals in the wild.
Then I thought about the technological advancements helping us to protect the environment and maybe even mitigate climate change and other issues.
But none of those things seemed enough. None of them really shares what science does for me and why I love science. Then I realised, I love science!
I love learning new things, understanding new things – and everyday things.
I love the ‘huh!’ and ‘wow!’ moments you get in science. I love that with science we will never stop learning.
What has science done for me lately? Everyday, science makes me happy! And I think that should count for something.
From Perth, Western Australia”

Missing link… Found!
Meet the Dino-Bird

Ancient human mitochondrial DNA
A new method for dating archaeological evidence.

Bats go quiet during mating season
So how important is echolocation, really? And are there bats hiding in the dark? This changes EVERYTHING!!

Hawking Lives On
His last idea on the universe.

It’s not enough to be terrifying, now they also live super long! Spider recorded at 43 years old passed away this week. Yikes…

Plotting the course

That horse knows what you’re up to, and he’s not impressed.

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