06 December, 2012 – This Week in Science


Exo-planet Candidates, Better Solar Systems, Voyager Update, Martian Desert, Extraversion In Gorillas, Panda Pout, Smokin’ Birds, SPAUN, World’s Oldest Dino, And Much More…

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Exo-Planet Candidates

Better Solar Systems

Update on the Voyagers

No Life on Mars

BLair’s Animal Corner
News from Scotland:
Extraverted Gorillas Live Longer
Feeling low? Want to stay inside? It may kill you. In a broad long-term study out of Edinburgh, he more social, active, playful, and curious gorillas had a significantly longer lifespan.
Finally, someone else upset about the “Panda Effect”!
The rental of two pandas to the zoo in Edinburgh has brought in a 50% raise in visitors and profits, but is it for the good of the species? Or just a money-making scheme?
Also (if time):
Tobacco – Good for Baby Birds?!
The nicotine and other chemicals in cigarettes turn out to be an extremely effective repellant for parasitic mites that may feast on baby birds. What’s more the cellulose in the butts is a fantastic insulator. Was this a deliberate choice by the birds or a happy accident? Either way, I don’t look forward to the hoarse, phlegmy bird calls in the morning…

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Oldest Dino?

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