06 May, 2015 – Episode 513 – This Week in Science


Hologram Or No?, Nasty Politicses, One In Six, DIY IQ?, Warm-Hearted Fish, Bad Birdfeeders, NASA Tech, Far Away Galaxy, Tooth-Dragging Penis Worm, Phosphorus For All, Bridging A Gap, Birds Are Older, Ethanol Smog, Beardpooplegate, And Much More…

Hologram Or No?
A recent paper showed that a holographic model of entropy could work in a flat space model of the universe when related to quantum entanglement. However, despite the headlines, this is not evidence that we do indeed exist in a hologram.

Political Nastiness
The proposed House NASA Authorization Bill is not fiscally friendly to NASA’s Earth sciences endeavors, proposing significant cuts to programs that would hobble NASA’s efforts to track climate, weather, and more.

One In Six
A new analysis suggests that if we do nothing to stem advancing temperatures around the world, we may lose one in six species.

Electricuting IQ’s with… electricity
It might not be a smart thing to zap your brain with DC.

Warm-hearted fish
Convergent evolution might have led many species of fish to develop endothermy.

Backyard bird-feeders may do more harm than good
Those feeders encourage backyard bullies and invaders, more than helpful native songbirds. Consider bird-friendly plants instead of seed.

Using NASA technology to learn about home sweet home
In a collaboration between NASA and arctic biologists, we see the effect loss of ice has on species much more clearly.

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Long ago and far, far away…
The furthest galaxy yet has been imaged telling us much about what might have occurred during the great ‘reionization’.

Tooth-dragging Penis Worm!
Yup. The Cambrian explosion came with an explosion of penis worms who are now being identified by their fossilized teeth, hard structures more often fossilized than the soft creatures themselves.

Phosphorus… for the rest of us
A new device clears waste water of approximately 90% of the phosphorus it contains.

Bridging A Gap
Loki, the cute nickname given to a species of archae bacteria that seems to be a transition between the Archea phylum and Eukaryotes.

Birds Are Older
A fossil bird find in China pushes back bird ancestry by 5-6 million years.

Ethanol smog
It turns out the the process used to make ethanol might be dirtier than the fuel itself.

A confusion of the words “study,” “experiment,” “Bacteria,” and other key sciencey words led some people to believe beards are full of poop. But, there’s no science there.

World Robot Domination
They are not going to kill those of us who want to die… with a bear hug. Turns out the Japanese suicide bear is a fake.

Assisted Probe Death
Last week, after four years of service, the Messenger mission craft impacted into the surface of Mercury at roughly 8700km/hour, hopefully leaving a mark on planetary science as a whole, and not just the surface of the planet.

Autonomous Trucks Are coming!
Nevada just granted the first license to a driver-less truck made by Daimler.

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